Thursday 25 February 2021

2021 Week 8

Ooops, that was  a bit of a gap between posts!

Not much crafting seems to have been done though

I was given this lovely clay Ginger

And these vanilla scented Ginger melts for my wax burner (Thank you Niki - a bit of a theme going on here!)

The lovely Carolyn at church started off a crochet blanket for me (no, I can't cast on - doh!)  It twisted a bit to start with but it's getting better

I put on my big girl pants and started adding some extra types of stitches (I don't know anything fancy: just UK double and trebles)

And apparently added some extra stitches at one end and lost them at the other end - I'm trying to sort them out as to where they should be, and hopefully this bit will be ok after blocking 

To reassure myself with something I *can* do, I made another sari rope basket for my balls of wool

I made a bunch of log cabin blocks, but I've put them away for now - the contrast (between the brights and the grey/white) is disappointing

I was asked if I could do a couple of trampolining Gingers but I couldn't quite envisage them

Lora grabbed her felt tip pens and drew these for me

So I made these

Tuesday 9 February 2021

2021 Week 5

Well that was a week and a half!

This single Ginger was designed to promote A children's mental health campaign in the two villages.


The design was approved . . .

The felt was delivered . . .

And I was in a different sort of lockdown for about 9 days

I treated myself with being allowed to do something different every 50 Gingers

This was the half way point (I didn't photograph the full number: as soon as the last one was finished I delivered them!)

Some of my 'rewards' were also Gingers LOL!  These two netball players

These prizes in a village Valentine's competition

And these to represent this month's challenge: 

We had a live cook along session where we made chocolate chip cookies


And future bake offs cover pancakes,


and around the world dishes, so this one has Norwegian waffles (served with whipped cream and jam made from lingonberries)

Another "between the Gingers" project was to use this up: It's a twist of sari scraps: mostly between 2 and 3 foot long.  I bought this at the last quilt show I went to (shows how long ago LOL) and I finally untwisted it to see what I'd bought.  I think there was a plan to make pompoms, then a thought about a crochet basket.  It turned out they weren't separate strips, but rather were joined end to end to make one long strip.

So I sat opposite Lizzie (tending to her needs every 4 or 5 minutes), wrapping sari strips around rope and zigzagging the whole lot together . . . and I love the result far more than pompoms or a small crochet basket!  I now have an ideal basket for my crochet when I get it back (I did try to cast on but I'm useless at it, so one of the church  ladies is doing it for me!!!)