Wednesday 20 December 2017

2017 Wk 50 - gifts for men

I made zippy pouches for the girls at work, but struggled with what to make for the Manager, James.

I decided he needed a coin purse (he never has cash on him so if I go to get him lunch we spend days reminding him that he owes me money, so a small pouch that holds £3 (meal deal from Tesco) seemed ideal)

I bought some leather scraps and got prototyping. I started with a triangle one I saw on Pinterest, but didn't like the knot in the elastic. Also I tried pyrography but that distorted the flap.

V2 had an elastic band stitched in, but I didn't like that either, and the embroidery placement didn't work

V3 worked much better, but Brian was worried the flap may come untucked


So V4 had a different flap shape which seems to work well

Except Brian has now ruined it . . . by telling me it would be great for condoms

It's too late to make something else so it looks as if James will be getting a condom pouch for Christmas! I'll put £3 in to convince him it IS a coin pouch!


Sunday 17 December 2017

2017 Wk 50 - Fun with Kids

I taught a great bunch of families yesterday! I think there were 30 people in today - mums with kids, and dads with kids. The theme was Christmas decorations and I told the adults that this was for the kids to make something, using their own imagination, and we didn't want to hear a single "no, not like that" type of comment - and on the whole they behaved!

I didn't get pics of them all but they were all amazing! I think the polar bear on a sledge is my absolute favourite - all her own idea!

And here they are all hard at work!

Meanwhile I have broken needles quilting through too many layers

Thank goodness for grippy scissors that can put the broken bits out (and thank goodness it was stuck in fabric this time!)

But it was worth it - I have quilted

And finally finished, God-Daughter's selvedge quilt

I've also embroidered a whole load of pre-school uniforms but that's too boring even to warrant a photo!

And I've progressed a bit on an I-Spy quilt for a cousin of this one (she arrived last week)

I had the triangles cut, and some joined back into squares. I finished the others. I planned the design and then realised I'm out of light grey spraytime so this one will have to wait

I had an order for a Christmas sack. I generally don't do these any more, but Magnus has three siblings and three cousins who all have one so it seem very unfair to say he *couldn't* have one too! (Just need to hand stitch some buttons to hold the ribbon in place)

And finally - we've manged to put up the Christmas tree and room decorations - It's starting to feel Christmassy here - jut 4 more working days yippee (I have Wednesday off. Double yippee!)!

Sunday 10 December 2017

2017 Wk 49 - Christmas making

I've been busy using up the black and white scraps from the Black and White and bits of Bright quilt , and have make zippy pouches for colleagues

 Then I pieced the rest to make a bit enough block that I could make a few Pythagoras pouches 

So finally I've got my Christmassy packages ready to post - although maybe they will be New Year packages!!

I've finished a few customer orders (although there are plenty left to do)

And I've actually done something for me!  As we are getting to the season of Christmas jumpers I decided to go with a nativity rather than Rudolph or Santa

And in final random news . . .  its snowing

And the kitties are happy with their quilts

Saturday 2 December 2017

2017 Wk 48 Show & Tell and Chertsey and Kitties

Last month at Chertsey Museum we made sewing wraps. They didn't get finished at the session but lots got finished since. They have all done an incredible job, don't you think!

Yesterday we made the EPP Christmas Stars. Val got the furthest with hers, but the others were all doing well, so there should be a good collection in January.

I made them all scissor cones as a Christmas pressie - they seemed to go down well

The girls, having always had cats at home, have decided that their house is not a home without kitties - so although there are no Grandchildren on the horizon, I have two Grandkitties!!! Meet these two unnamed kitten! (Known as Terrified and Sh1t Scared at the moment!)

Husband has been working on my computer, so to keep him company I have been stitching scraps together and made them a few kitty quilts that they might like.

I've also progressed the zippy pouches a bit.

Friday 1 December 2017

2017 Wk 48 - A bit of sewing time

Not really sure what happened to the last three weeks - I was sure not much sewing happened, but looking at photos maybe it was just not much blogging??
This black and white quilt got assembled: just the final hand stitching of the binding until I can call it done

I even quilted it!

And a small I-spy quilt was made for a friend who has just become a grandma.

I painted the girls'house on a bag a while ago - we put stuff in it that is due to go to their house. They wanted one with our house on it for stuff they are returning. Our house may be 'home' but it isn't picture pretty, so instead I took advantage of the fact that it's number 4B and painted this

At Crafty Church I worked a bit on the two quilts, did some crochet on the world's slowest blanket,

and also some English Paper Piecing for a Christmas Star class sample

I started some zippy pouches as Christmas pressies for colleagues

Some shopping has also happened!

piping cord ready to have another go at rope bowls

Leather because . . . well I'm not quite sure but it was a bargain!!!

I have had a go at making a little change purse - suitable for blokes? I'm not sure, maybe a pyrography initial would help? Watch this space

Monday 13 November 2017

2017 Wk 45 - lots of fun (until someone gets hurt)

It's been a busy week - the best sort of busy with lots of making even it's not all my own!

On Friday night I taught a class making Felted Faries (with help from the very talented Kaye)


And on Saturday we hosted the last regular Kids' Crafty Church with half a dozen wonderfully crafty kids:

These boys sat learning how to loom knit and kept going . . . And both want their own looms for Christmas!


And their sisters spent ages colouring and sizzixing (another item on the Christmas list!)


Meanwhile a very talented mum did the beautiful Remembrance Day flower arrangements


Meanwhile my girls have been "un-making" - they learnt how to use a wallpaper stripper (and how to empty 40 years of gunk out of radiators!)


And as for me? Customer embroidery


And (embarrassed cough) discovering what NOT to do when you are home alone

Apparently it's not a good idea to put a finger under a moving sewing machine needle!! Don't ask what I was thinking - I have absolutely no idea!!!!

I had to ask the nice man next door to pull the broken tip of the needle out of my finger!!! It throbbed for a while but seems to be healing well!