Sunday, 25 June 2017

2017 Wk 26 - More sewing with Jackie

Jackie and I normally trade a few goodies when we see each other:  I haven't had much time in the last few months, so Jackie didn't get much - but I was spoilt!  Thank you Jackie

(Yes, the pouch isn't finished . . . some traditions are good to keep!)

We made some blue whale pouches for a couple of my cousins and an Aunt - its a bit of a long story - I won't bore you but I think they will love the pouches!

Lining in red as there is a Norwegian link!

We made some magic zip pouches (two sections and each side has a zip into a separate pocket)

Yesterday's eco dying . . .  well lets say we wont bother with that again!

We tried silver spoon stamping . . . with a LOT of brute force (and probably a fair amount of ignorance!) we got one letter done.  Apparently I bought silver plated steel spoons, not silver spoons!!!

 We had a go at zippy key rings - and adding numerous zipper pulls for fun

We used some pretty lacy zips

 And we did some Christmas planning: triangles inside circles, stitched together into pyramids will make lovely little gift boxes!

(From these instructions)

Then finally, in the last two hours we made what are probably my favourite creations: a sewing holdall which rolls up

Saturday, 24 June 2017

2017 Wk 26 - Corking good fun

Yippee!!!  Jackie is here for a weekend of fun!  We went to the National Quilt Championships at Sandown Park yesterday -which may have involved some shopping!

One of our goodies was a sheet of cork 'fabric' - which resulted in these two using Noodlehead's design.

 We've made these before so felt confident in adding slip pockets and zip pockets too

We also had a go at scissor pouches

And then we wrapped some cotton and leaves up together and boiled them in water with rusty nails for . . . well, the bucket didn't reach boiling point after being on the stove for an hour

This was as a result of having met Caroline Bell at Richmond and Kew - she creates amazing fabrics this way - I'm not so sure ours will be as successful - we'll find out tomorrow!

Whilst in the kitchen on a hot sweaty day watching a bucket full of water, nails and fabric - as if that wasn't hot enough, we decided to do some baking!

This means Jackie baking and me fetching and washing up!!!
Lemon drizzle cake . . . 

and the world's strangest shapes muffins (so it turns out you really do need a muffin tin - who knew!)

And finally: my favourites from Sandown Park yesterday

Saturday, 10 June 2017

2017 Wk 24 - Crafty Church

I'm just back from a great afternoon at Crafty Church! As usual, lots of crafts happening, from band weaving (making pot holders or mug rugs) . . .


. . . to making fairy door, felt Jamie dodgers, and heart wall hanging, a rag doll and a wizard (with the church windows showing through!)


I did a bit of pot holder weaving, and a bit of loom weaving and lots of chatting!

Back home I finished tacking the edges of my latest La Passacaglia cog so I could take out the papers. One day I'm going to have to tackle joining them together, but I'm avoiding that for now, although I'm loving how they look


PS Happy Birthday Jackie xxxx


Sunday, 4 June 2017

2017 Wk 23 - Mostly Friends

A group of 4 of s used to work together at a bank, and one has moved away so this weekend two of us went to stay with her. There was mostly chatting, eating, drinking, walking and shopping!!! We travelled by train so I managed to finish the latest "cog" in my La Passacaglia quilt

And plan (!) and start the next

We went to a great market in Tynemouth and I got some felt, some fab little folding snips and some silver spoons (I have some metal stamps and fancy trying stamping words into the spoons - I've seen it on Pinterest!!!)

Hope you had a good weekend! X


Friday, 2 June 2017

2017 Wk 23 - Mostly Chertsey

The lovely ladies at Chertsey Museum made tote bags today. Well they started them but there isn't really much to show other then their fabric choices, so first let's look at their show and tell:

Three finished felted pictures (two shown with their inspiration) and some finished flowers


And tote bags ready to finish ...


They recently asked about lace making so I thought I'd have a practice.

My attempt looked like this

Which was just a mess so I pulled the pins out in disgust . . . And it transformed itself into this

Which I LOVE! I couldn't salvage this one so I've started again! At the moment it looks like the previous pic - but fingers crossed it works ok!

I'm off for a girly weekend with friends, and wanted to make them something - I'd seen notebook covers which were a bit more than note book covers . . . so I copied the idea and made these

Note book covers with built in pencil cases!

Now I'm off to pack - have a good weekend x


Sunday, 28 May 2017

2017 Wk 22 - Mostly Weaving

It was Niki's birthday in the week, and she wanted a tortoise for her birthday: we talked her out of it, but Lisa decided she could have a tortoise of sorts . . . and crocheted this little chap

You can even take his shell off if you want to as its attached to his waist coat!!!

I've taken my first weaving off the loom (no, I have no idea what to do with it)

And Lisa gave me her left over wool for the next threading of the loom!  I threaded a patterned warp

And started to weft with the same pattern (until these last few rows went wrong - I can tell you that unweaving is as much fun as unsewing!)

Anyway - an hour or so later I've achieved this

Ad to be fair I dont know what I'll do with this either, but its fun to make . .  I wonder if you can make zippy pouches out of weaving?

Saturday, 27 May 2017

2017 Wk 22 - Mostly Embroidery

The embroidery machine has been earning its keep today. The handyman needed two more sweatshirts, and had shown the first ones to a couple of friends . . . Could I also please . . . for two friends

I'm actually not very pleased with these, so I'll do some tweaks tomorrow

Next weekend I'm away with friends (friends from my first job - 14 years at a bank) and one of them has asked for some more luggage tags:

In between hooping and trimming the embroideries I've been using some ultra bright. Next month I'm going away with another group of friends, from another job - we all worked at the village school together, and 14 of our children were all within 4 years of each other. We've been going away together every year for I think15 years! This year it's a summer trip, and we all like cold water, so I've made insulated bottle holders for us all


And post-assembly

I made bags for one trip with this group, and have made patches for each trip to sew onto the bags. I'm a bit behind, so as well as Gibraltar patches (2015) I've made the Kraków badges for 2016. I couldn't decide whether to do the dogs or dogs on patches, so in the end I made both and they can choose!

And hopefully another sewing day tomorrow! For those of you in the UK I hope you enjoy the long weekend


Sunday, 21 May 2017

2017 Wk 21 - No More New Crafts, no more new crafts - ooooh look, a new craft

I really wasn't going to try any thing new, really I wasn't, but then Lynne messaged that her school was throwing out ... did I want ... and now I seem to have a loom!
Really, I have no idea how it happened!
But isn't she beautiful!

I've threaded her (twice - the fluffy wool didn't work well!)
and woven and woven . . .
14 inches so far
Already I'm looking to see what gadgets I can add! Oh dear!

AND I didn't show you my little tray made at a mini class with Plum
And here are some of the others - thanks Plum

and I made myself a new crochet hook holder