Wednesday 20 December 2017

2017 Wk 50 - gifts for men

I made zippy pouches for the girls at work, but struggled with what to make for the Manager, James.

I decided he needed a coin purse (he never has cash on him so if I go to get him lunch we spend days reminding him that he owes me money, so a small pouch that holds £3 (meal deal from Tesco) seemed ideal)

I bought some leather scraps and got prototyping. I started with a triangle one I saw on Pinterest, but didn't like the knot in the elastic. Also I tried pyrography but that distorted the flap.

V2 had an elastic band stitched in, but I didn't like that either, and the embroidery placement didn't work

V3 worked much better, but Brian was worried the flap may come untucked


So V4 had a different flap shape which seems to work well

Except Brian has now ruined it . . . by telling me it would be great for condoms

It's too late to make something else so it looks as if James will be getting a condom pouch for Christmas! I'll put £3 in to convince him it IS a coin pouch!



  1. Put in $3 and a condom - that way he's prepared either way! ;)

  2. Hahahaha!!! (Hope this posts, always hope! )

  3. Oh Brian trust you to come up with an "alternative" use for it :-)

  4. Oops! I did comment before Christmas, but there must have been a glitch in the system!
    I think your pouches are great, Benta!
    Trust a man to lower the tone! Tee hee!
    I hope James remembers his lunch money in future!
    Happy New Year Benta!
    Hugs, Barbara xxx


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