Monday 30 June 2014

Fabric Fun on Friday (part 2)

After my last post I had a bit of time before I needed to set off to teach the covered journals, so I made a few more - they really are doable in 20 minutes or so!

Here are a reporter's notebook (spiral bound at the top), a small hardback notebook, and a travel pass (that'll be the one with a London bus on the front!)

I also had a piece that I made about 3.5 years ago: Kate North was hosting a Stay At Home Round Robin : she gave us monthly instructions as to size and location of a piece and we added or created what we wanted.  I made three and I have no idea what happened to the pink or the blue, but I loved the black/white/red piece but had no idea what to do with it - until today!  It was the perfect size to become a ring binder cover

After I'd had loads of fun making these I let the Chertsey ladies have a go too!

From the same samples, the same set of instructions and the same resources box I was amazed how very different their covers turned out:

Friday 27 June 2014

Fabric Fun on Friday (Covered notebook)

Thanks for sticking with me through the tale of the yellow hexi quilt - we are done with it now, except maybe for a photo of the gorgeous boy ON his quilt!

We have now entered the last month of school in England, and life gets sillier and sillier for the next (yes I've counted them) 19 days, so not much sewing will happen.  However, a class to teach tonight, and a project I've never made before meant I had to find some time to have a little practise.

The session is one of Chertsey Museum's Craft and Wine (subtitled by the manger "the drunken sewing club"), and we will be making covered journals.  The photo used for the advert was this one . . .

. . . which was a birthday pressie from Jackie - great for the ad, but I still needed to make one myself.  Jackie doesn't blog, so I couldn't copy from her, so I really hope the lovely lovely Plum doesn't mind that I have blatantly copied from her blog!

The PDF is here and I have publicly attributed the photos and most of the text to her, but to prove I really did make one, here are my photos:

Before turning

And after

There is something very satisfying about using the legs of a discarded pair of jeans!

Thursday 26 June 2014

Secret Finish Part 4 (Finished)

I have to say the finishing took *forever* but was so worthwhile; I love the effect!

It should have gone to baby Aidan when he arrived, but I tactfully asked Jackie about entering it in the village craft show - the conversation went like this

So it got entered in the village fair craft show and got one of these:

Response from my daughters? Well you've set the bar for all future children haven't you?

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Secret Finish part 3 (finishing)

How to finish a hexi quilt top?  Jackie and  I asked Google, and loved this finish from Badskirt, so I thought I'd give it a go.  I now think another time I would be happier doing this where the hexagons were a bit bigger than these little whatsits.

But the instructions were great, and the finish went well

* Add a border of hexies around the edge, right sides together

* Cut the backing and wadding to the same as the outline, and flip the extra border over to the back leaving a zigzag effect on the front . . .

 . . . and also on the back

Then slip stitch onto the back - and *then* its finished!

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Secret Finish Part 2 (quilting)

I'm really not a quilter.  I don't much enjoy machine quilting, and I'm quite sure life is too short for hand quilting, but for some reason I got it into my head that having hand pieced this quilt I should hand quilt it too

So I spent the next month doing just that

Jackie is very kindly including me as an honorary Grandmother (she gleefully told me six months ago "We are going to be grandmothers"!!!!) so I felt the baby needed to be in touch with its Norwegian heritage - so I've used my favourite Michael Miller Vikings fabric for the backing

I had pretty much finished the quiting when I went to visit Jackie in February.  My plan was to sacrifice the edges of the outer hexies, and finish with a straight yellow boarder - bish bash bosh - it would done in plenty of time . . .

However - Jackie and I played around with some ideas for finishing *her* hexi quilt, which made me rethink the finishing of the yellow quilt

so tomorrow I'll show you how I finished the edges of the yellow hexies

Monday 23 June 2014

Secret Finish Part 1 (piecing)

Back in January I showed you a recent photo of the Yellow Hexie Quilt that implied it was still a way off being a completed top, and therefor a long way off being finished.

Since then I haven't shown you any more photos and haven't even dropped any more clues.  The quilt was being finished for a baby; both under construction at the same time, but baby's grandma is my best friend Jackie.  Like the very best kind of best friend she is a loyal reader of this blog, but I wanted the quilt to be a surprise.  Jackie has now seen the quilt, and has taken it for baby Aidan, so I can share the rest of it's story here:

So the work had been plodding on, and the photos had been taken, but until now, unshared!  The earliest post about this top is March 2013, but it was actually started a year or so before that

18th January

20th January

All pieced :-)

Tomorrow I'll show you what I decided to do about quilting

Sunday 22 June 2014

Sunday Shopping

So today Jackie and I went to Sandown - lots of inspiration, a little bit of chatting (!), and loads of shopping!  I managed to restrict myself to purchases that are actually necessary to complete existing projects (well almost restricted!)

From the top: two linens for the red linen quilt, red essential dots to bind the Irish Chain, wood for an idea for an aunt, sea grass, sand, sky and rocks for a lighthouse quilt I've been asked to make, purple essential dots to bind the giant lone star, (we'll gloss over the grey dots) and dotty red oilcloth for another boxy bag!

Oh, AND 

Fusible binding for a friends' stained glass project, buttons for a tshirt adaptation, replacement thimble, and some transfer dies.

This all has overtones of comfort shopping though,  as coming home from Sandown also meant taking Jackie to the airport :-(

Thanks for a great weekend, How long until Festival of Quilts????

Saturday 21 June 2014

Saturday Sewing

Another fab day with Jackie :-)

She helped with with some decision making: the rainbow charms

(now ready to be chain stitched)

Another decision made - the aqua fabrics have been cut ready to piece

And these cotton pieces have had their future decided, and they have been washed in case of shrinkage:

We made another two boxy pouches: so that's some Christmas pressies sorted,

Jackie learnt more tricks with my embroidery machine

And made a pressie for the new grandson!

Not bad results for one day eh?

Tomorrow ... Sandown!!!!

Friday 20 June 2014

Friends on Friday

(And Saturday and Sunday!). Jackie is here this weekend, for a three day weekend and the challenge is on to see how much we can pack in!

So today Jackie had a few hours unsupervised in my kitchen, so I came in from work to be greeted by this

And this

And this!!!

( to be fair, this was the view after supper, they were complete when I got home!)

Then we went to Chertsey Museum and made these with the lovely ladies, 

followed by shopping in Hobby Craft, and then a spot of making!

Jackie helped me make a boxy pouch

We made button bracelets

And she learnt how to use an embroidery machine!

Wednesday 18 June 2014

School for Sewing

I *still* haven't got much sewing done recently, but we certainly managed loads at school yesterday!

I'm teaching the year 4 class how to design for the embroidery machine (and they have managed to teach me new stuff about the software I have been using for nearly 8 years!!!)

A's first design on the computer

And stitching

After school I had a few hours free, so Valerie brought in her quilt (her first quilt, that we started over the Easter hols), and we got it finished:

That happy face says it all!

And then I spent two evening hours with half a dozen mums, a grandma and an ex-pupil learning how to read paper patterns, and how to cut all sorts of corners (we are looking for quantity over quality!) to make costumes - the school production of Aladdin needs 100 pairs of trousers, and 50 each of strappy tops and waist coats!

Three more weeks, we can do this (I was pinning trouser legs together in my dreams last night!)

Monday 16 June 2014

Diamonds Done

You may remember a little poppet at my school who has been battling cancer.  It's looking good for her, but they are looking at weekly chemo until Christmas!  Friends have set up a fund raising page (do message me if you want the link) and I wanted to help.

It's taken me a bit of time to finish, but with the help of a lovely lovely friend: Quilter in the Closet (aka Jen) I have now finished my contribution - and hopefully this will raise some money towards their hoped-for trip to Euro Disney

If you want raffle tickets feel free to message me

Saturday 14 June 2014

Wonderful time in Windsor

Thank you to Hazel and all the families that came to Tart up a Tote bag in Windsor this morning - I had a great time, hope you did too!!!!!
Just look at these great creations:

Well done to all - hope to see you again at another session