Thursday 28 February 2019

2019 Wk 8 - a post about post

Some bloggers I know in real life and others will always be virtual friends, but Amo, who blogs at View from our Hill belongs in the first group just as soon as we manage to meet up.  She is beyond talented and is skilled in a huge range of crafts, but is incredibly generous too!!!!!

A totally unexpected box arrived from her today in the post . . . and oh boy was it full of goodies!

Topped with an Amo Original (I have a number of these in the sewing room, all different techniques!)

there were patterns and haberdashery bits

 fabric shapes and charms, and bling

Three sizzix dies

foam paint brushes

and lots of off cuts of fabrics

Amo - you are awesome!  thank you so much xxxx

Wednesday 27 February 2019

2019 Wk 9 - Embroidered Gifts

It's been a funny week!  A lovely mum, Nina, from the school where I used to work won a Bafta and and Oscar, and another friend's granddaughter only lived for 2 hours.  I felt the need to do something for both, so I spent a little time with Lizzie's design software and between us we created these.  The baby was named Hope (they were aware there was a major health problem), and I have added 'Never forgotten' under her name in white

Having got this far I'm not sure what to do next!  Maybe a drawstring bag for Hope's parents they could keep any mementos in it?  Or should it be a cushion they can throw against a wall when they just want to shout "it's not fair"?  And for Nina, should that be a bag or a cushion?  I plan to finish them at the weekend so any suggestions much appreciated!

Sunday 24 February 2019

2019 Wk 8 - what a lot of sewing!

I tend to look at the last week's photos to see what I need to post on the blog - and this week there were a lot of photos - so hold on tight while we whistle through last week  . .

Clam shells were quilted while we watched series 8 of Game of Thrones (I did not expect a blue eyes dragon!.. And how often does a girl need to say "I can't get pregnant" before you realise that somewhere in the next two series she *will* get pregnant?)

(The pieces of fabric set behind the outer clams has worked well)

We had LOADS is visitors to Crafty Church last week - I think there were 22 of us!  Most came to learn crochet so Daisy and Carolyn were holding master classes!!!

 Lusy (who only learned last month) brought her two projects to show and tell!  I think she has the hang of it!!!

The few non-crocheters were using the sizzix to cut EPP hexies, and felt flowers ready for Mother's Day

I finished the binding on the M-i-L hexies and triangles quilt

And I designed two crosses for Dalwyn - they've gone in the post for him to choose which one he wants on his next stole

Two taggies got made for a colleague and an ex colleague with little boys

And I have crossed two Pay-it-forward gifts off my list.  The infinity scarf with a secret pocket was delivered in time for a skiing holiday, and this zippy pouch was delivered on Thursday

This  Saturday was Stitch: a lovely treat for me, both daughters came!  As did a whole load of others - very productive morning

And today I just wanted to play.  But sadly now I'm completely out of washing line!

Hope you had a good week

Friday 15 February 2019

2019 Wk 7 - Fabric shopping

Janet Clare came to Richmond and Kew quilters a really interesting talk about being a designer for Moda, and brought along a few of her fabrics to buy too!!

She explained that she always uses the same colours in her designs so if we start sewing with one collection we can easily add fabrics from another collection and they will work.

This flimsy has squares from three different collections!  I just pulled the dark and mid blue ones for what I wanted.  I did buy some low volumes FQs too!

And I've been to my local LQS and bought some near solids to bulk out the fabrics I'm using for the plus quilt. 

And in other news I'm nearly up to date with the temperature project,  I'm looking forward to warmer weather so the fabrics will show up better!!!!

Thursday 14 February 2019

2019 Wk 7 - Confused by Clams

I'm loving the way my clams are lookings, but not so much sewing them!

I've been randomly sewing and then trying to get the templates out and I've *eventually*  realised there seems to be an optimum method.  I'm sharing here in case I ever get the urge to sew clamshells again, although frankly I doubt it!!!

I have pressed the circles and taken out the template, but for the now the template is still in the clams as the concave curves are snipped to help them curve and I *really* don't want them flattening themselves out.

So first I should have sewn the red sections.  If there were no circles this would represent the bottom of the piece.  This holds the snipped pieces in place

Next I would sew the first light blue (on clam #1): once I'm halfway round the convex curve I can take out the tacking and remove the template and then stitch the dark blue.  Next I'd stitch the light blue on #2, remove the tacking and template, then stitch the dark blue, and so on

Those 'blue' stitches hold down the snipped curves of pieces 5, 6 and 7, so once I've finished that row, I can now stitch the green of #5, remove the tacking and template and stitch the yellow, going straight up again to stitch the green of # 6

Clear as mud?  Well today's Benta hopes that future Benta never does get the urge to stitch another load of clamshells, but if she does - please look here first!

I stitched two rows of clams above and two below the circles.  Once I'd nearly finished stitching them I realised I was going to have to sacrifice a lot of the outer clams to make a usable rectangle

But if I added fabric behind the still loose outer clams I could possibly claim another row.

It was too late for the bottom but I think I've fudged the top OK.  Looks a bit funny now but should look ok when it's quilted and trimmed

*IF* I ever do these again I will plan this stage in!

But for now these will be put away as I've been fabric shopping *twice* this week and want to play with the new fabrics!!!

Sunday 10 February 2019

2019 Wk 6 - A surprising amount!

I'm not quite sure how I've managed to achieve all this, but

I've made a Brick I-Spy quilt

I've finished my storage pod

And I've finished my enormous fabric bowl (the cat keeps eyeing it up as a potential bed!)

And I've stolen a idea from Janine (Rainbow Hare) - she added circles to her clam shells and it looked fab so I'm doing the same!

I probably ought to do some work work though!

Wednesday 6 February 2019

2019 Wk 5 - Off to Ireland

Chertsey Museum class was on last Friday and we made triangular purses.  Mostly these were made from leather, pleather / faux leather and fleece so no sewing although some ladies did use fabric.  We used Kam poppers which are really sturdy, and we had fun!

The next day I was up at 3:30am!!!  And off to the airport for the first flight to Ireland.  By the time I would normally be waking up I had been driven to Heathrow, flown to Dublin, been picked up and delivered to Jackie's and we were in the sewing room deciding what to make first!!!

These were the winners - pink penguin's cover lunch bag aka a very useful bag

We then made the first of 4 pay-it-forward gifts I have committed to on facebook.  This is for a niece who had sent a link to an infinity scarf with a zipped pocket for phone or keys.  I took the sent link to be a subtle hint so we made one and it will go in the post tomorrow

 We then made a pair of hobo / project bags fussy cutting some bold Ikea flowers (thank you Sharon)

Jackie has made a few Sew Together pouches, and this time we thought we'd have a go at the mini one.  It was a bit fiddly as were had to use the original instructions with the 'mini' adjustments but we got there in the end

 We made (started!) some storage pods

 and some larger-than-we-expected bowls

And then we went to have cuddles with little Miss Gorgeous

And the slightly boisterous big brothers (I am sooo jealous - isn't Jackie greedy having 3 grandchildren while I have none!  I am lucky that she shares though!!!)

we did our usual gift exchange but most of the goodies I brought home have been put into use (love the mug!) or put away before being photographed, but this has stayed on my wrist - so far it's decorative but who knows when I will need to measure something and will be able to!!!