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Photos taken at quilt shows are usually expected to be for private use only. If you happen across this page please respect this and do not repost the photos. I am generally unable to credit any quilts with their designer as names were not available at the show, if you are the designer or patchworker, or know who is, please let me know. Clicking the picture will enlarge it

Hever Castle 2016

Details . . .

Details . . .

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Festival of Quilts 2016


Random Inspiration
Photos added as Pinterest Inspiration - sorry, no links, just the images

Carved into CD then inked

badge / hair clip blanks

wavy crochet

hexi quilt, using sizzix 1/2 hexi die

suitable for layer cake

Festival of Quilts 2014

Sandown Quilt Show 2014

Handbag Collection R&K Quilters 2014These quilts are all smaller than A4 / foolscap sheet of paper. I've tried to include a penny (= roughly a euro or a US cent in size) to give you some comparison - without it these would look large! Some hand pieced, some machine pieced, and the same with the quilting - all astonishingly beautiful and intricate!

I love the use of ribbon here

Machine quilted - embroidey machine?

machine embroidery?

Armish inspired

Love this binding

A hand bag quilt!

Avril spotted that the kite shapes were painted, but the red borders were pieced. See below for the penny to get an idea of the size

Festival of Quilts 2013

Picture Quilts These are as good as any painting

All from ties

Tiny crumbs making a mosaic

Dr Who, all from about 1inch squares

Miniature QuiltsThis stippling . . .

is from this quilt . . .

Which looks like this . . . Can I draw your attention to the rail it's hanging from? This quilt like the next few are all hanging from a 1cm rod. That gives you some idea of how intricate these are

Tiny pieced ships and pennants

Fab sunset

tiny batik hexies

and a gorgeous winter landscape

Festival Of Quilts 2012



  1. Benta - than you so much for taking me along to Birmingham with you. Wonderful to see such an eclectic mix of styles and colours. I like so many of them - there are some very clever crafters out there!

  2. Some wonderful quilts - for me the best ones were the 'Norwegian Quilt' and the harbour scene below it. No wonder you had a lovely time! xxx

  3. Should read the one'above it' - not below xxx

  4. I know the giant Echo star on the jade green background is Trudi's :o)


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