Wednesday 29 August 2018

2018 Wk 35 - Dalwyn don't look

I don't think my friend Dalwyn stalks these pages, but so, now is the time to go away!

I have completely finished the stole - and checked the length against my vicar (seen modelling it here) and it looks about spot on - thank goodness!  Thank you Colin for being a guinea pig!

I had done some test stitchouts (the triangle cross and the celtic cross) on some spare green linen, so I have added a few other logos (North Bedfordshire circuit, where he will be working, St Anne's broken cross for the university where he studied, and logos for the two Windsor schools that he taught at).  Placement isn't brilliant, but it makes a fun cushion!

I've also been making pencil / make up cases for colleagues at work - a few belated birthdays, one early birthday and two leaving pressies (plus an excuse to play with Lizzie's font library!)

 Hope you are all having fun!

Sunday 19 August 2018

2018 Wk 34 - Hand finished finishes

We went to Mum's today: about a 75 minute drive, and husband had a list of odd jobs to do for her, so I had some sewing time on the journey, and while we were there.

So these hexies became this and with the addition of some hooks and eyes becomes this bowl

This project box and tray got finished

I left Lizzie embroidering the chunky mandala and came home to this lush design

And photos arrived from Jackie showing that she won two firsts, a second and a highly commended in the county show - well done Jackie well deserved!!!!

Saturday 18 August 2018

2018 Wk 34 - catch up

I've been doing the boring pre-school embroideries, but also some hand sewing, embroidery design and prep for the next few Chertsey Museum classes.

This mandala pattern is one that I designed and stitched using variegated thread - I've since made the satin stitch wider, so we'll see how that comes out.

I finished the edges of the two interchange wall hangings:

And I created this celtic cross embroidery design

It needed several tweeks, but I've now stitched it on the purple stole fabric and the two sides are ready to be stitched together to make the reversible stole

At Crafty Church we have started getting ready for our Remembrance day (100 years) display.  We've decided to go with poppy shapes.  (or rather approximately poppy shapes - I see a red snowman, but I have been assured that when I see loads of them I will see poppies - and to be fair they are very similar to the British Legion poppies!)

Janet is taking the sizzix and the circle dies to cut poppies for all 36 from the village involved in WW1

 I'm teaching Quilt As You Go hexies at Chertsey early September, so I sizzixed these

and made some of these
 which will be joined into this sort of shape

And finally, not me, but Jackie made this and I think it's far too gorgeous not to share! Perfect for a baby girl's essentials - a few nappies and a pack of wet wipes: and a pocket for mama's phone too

Sunday 12 August 2018

2018 Wk 33 - mostly Rainbows

Just look at these lush threads I used today!

My old Boss has been training to become a Methodist Minister and starts this on 2nd September.  I was honoured to be asked to make him a stole, but then panicked and have procrastinated for several months.  However 2nd if September isn't that far away, so today I pulled on my big girl pants and cut the first two pieces, and embroidered them.  He was a maths teacher before being a Head Teacher and now Minister so a cross made of triangles was ideal for this side.

The other side will be purple, and I'll do a Celtic cross for that side - maybe next weekend!

At the same time as embroidering the rainbows, and Lizzie was embroidering some uniforms, I was sizzixing card pieces for a WW1 project starting next weekend, and sizzixing fabric for Chertsey Museum in a few week's time - my lovely new big desk is only just big enough to hold everything!

These hexies are the start of a rainbow quilt-as-you-go project for Chertsey

I got a bit further with them tonight but they need stitching together still

I also did some patches for aprons for Monty's Popdog stand

And embroidered over 50 pieces of school uniform . . .which made a *bit* of a dent in the pile - just 125 left to go!

And earlier this week I finished hand quilting the last block (Australia) and put together the pieces from my interchange applique.  I decided to make two mini quilts rather than one big one as I only wanted one of each shape on the quilt.  I can't remember how to finish the edges so I'm hoping a R&Q friend will remind me (that's probably you, Plum!)

In case you can't make out the shapes, they are, from top left to bottom right . . .
  • Scissors, Boris the skink, Halsnøy Island (south of Bergen), husband's spanner
  • Button, wine glass, coffee cup (UK), Mr Twiglet the hedgehog
  • Daffodil, Viking ship, Cat (representing the 7 we've had over the years), Tango the rabbit
  • EPP Hexies, husband's hammer, sewing machine, coffee cup (Ireland)
  • Australia, St Michael's Church, a bee (one of 4: we live at 4B) and a budgie (representing 4 budgies and two+ lovebirds over the years (they were a breeding pair: 14 chicks in total I think)

And the same again, but inverse design, and different placement

 Back to work tomorrow for a rest I think!

Sunday 5 August 2018

2018 Wk 32 - Sewing with Jackie

Despite starting with a tidy sewing room, Jackie and I soon descended into the "organised chaos" that is our usual working state!

Most of the time there was at least two projects on the go, plus Lizzy the embroidery machine doing her stuff, and probably something else needing unpicking!

We made another zip up tray pouch - pattern from Aneela Hooey  We love this design! (and this will get finished!) 

And Lizzy was put to good use while we made an embroidered taggie for baby Leah, and a ring cushion for Claire who gets married at the end of the month

We made four project bags, inspired by Running With Homemade's Lama Drama field bag with zippy pouches

And we made big bucket bags based on Ashley's  Around Town bag

As well as all the making I decided to carry on with the bobbin winding that I'd been doing at Chertsey:  I have far too many threads: mostly those small ones that come with sewing kits and are useless thread - I thought if I wound them onto the bobbins I'd bought for the Chertsey class (yes, I bought far too many, but they were really cheap!) I could make some more bobbin necklaces - the empties are in the middle - quite a quantity reductions!

And don't the bobbins look so pretty!

2018 Wk 32 - Chertsey Museum

Just had three great days with Jackie - including an afternoon at Chertsey Museum: sadly the fun ended at 5:30 tonight when I had to take her back to the airport :-(

We did get loads done, even if we worked in utter chaos most of the time! (see next post!)

First Cherstey Museum and Fun with Fabric: some of the Chertsey ladies had finished their inchies projects

And for this class we made bobbin necklaces (with magic sliding knots).  Some finished and some going home to be finished!

 And then home to a tidy-just-waiting-for-us sewing room

Oh and a few quilts on the spare room wall - Ferris Wheel has been finished . . .

And so has Seattle Sixteen