Tuesday 31 May 2016

I Is In Ireland!

It's lovely to be back at my second home!  Sewing, and chatting, and numerous cuppas with Jackie, catching up with her (and by extension, my) extended family, and generally putting the world as best to rights as we can!

On Monday we made a basket each

We started a FQ Pop Up (thank you Kathy)

We organising zips

. . . Auditioned blocks for a new quilt,

And there may have been cuddles with this little poppet, called Mouse!

And I've got all of Tuesday here too, and a bit of Wednesday!  Yippee! Xx

Sunday 29 May 2016

Beautiful Batiks

Lisa gave me this fabric bundle for Christmas 2013.

As sometimes happens I had to wait a while for them to speak to me; to tell me what they should become.

But today they have been cut and stitched and cut again: the inspiration from Pinterest is with them.

I'm now off school for a week, but I'm off to Ireland for some of the days, then back to a Thursday with family, a Friday with a smocking class at Chertsey Museum and a Bunting class at church, a Saturday with a Race For Life 5 kilometres AND Kids Crafty Church, a Sunday at my mum's . . .  and there endeth my holiday! 

Monday 23 May 2016

Awesome Amo

Another blogger I've followed for years is Amo who blogs at The View From Our Hill

She is incredibly talented, and beyond generous!!!!!

She knows I'm teaching a bunting class in a few weeks


And had been cutting bunting triangles for herself, but had cut a few too many . . . So posted them to me - two parcels, and a huge number of triangles!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amo xxxx


Sunday 22 May 2016

Tidying with the Thistle

One of the blogs I've followed for the longest is the lovely Katy at Littlest Thistle. No only does she make fab quilts, she also has some great ideas for sorting her sewing room . . . And some ideas have to be copied!

These are the pics from her recent sewing supplies posts.

I have "part 1" on my Amazon wish list, and thanks to being able to canabalise some hangers of Lisa's . . .

My zips are now organised rather than being muddled in a drawer!


Saturday 21 May 2016

Laying out the Lighthouse

We had Crafty Church this afternoon. I didn't get many pics, but I pinned the next borders onto the lighthouse quilt (just need a bit more cream fabric) and managed to (standing on tiptoes, on a door balanced on the pews) get a pic of most of the quilt


There is beginning to be hope that it will be finished in time to be handed over next month!

There were ten of us at Crafty Church, but I only got pics of Lynne's creations ...


Aren't they fab! Such personalities!!!!


Wednesday 18 May 2016

Lots of Leaflets

It's the Queen's 90th birthday this year - there has been all sorts of celebrations already, but there are big things planned for the weekends of 10th and 17th of June. She's a neighbour of ours - well Windsor castle is less than 5 miles away - and the villages are planning to go all out!

So we need bunting!


I've done a bunting class before as part of Craft Church, but it was quite a few years ago, so we thought we'd have another go. I was even given funding for fliers so I had my first go of printing leaflets with Vistaprint ... And they arrived today


Lots of them! Now bundled into 30s ready for distribution at the schools and churches, and brownies and scouts!


And in other news, I've finished a panel for a cupboard at school,


and used the left over bits to make bean bags for maths lessons: front...

And back


Sunday 15 May 2016

Finished with Flags

If you're a regular visitor to this blog you may know about my Lighthouse Quilt (if you want a reminder you can click on the list of labels on the left)

This is a real procrastination quilt - I'd rather do anything than work on it (OK, *almost* anything, I haven't resorted to cleaning bathrooms yet). However, it's been in the making for two years and needs to be ready for an 80th birthday next month, so I really had to get on with it.

The centre was completed about a year ago:

(21st century problems: getting a photo from the blog when you are using an iPad, bah!)

Since then I have added a border of embroidered rope, but nothing more. However with a completely free Saturday I have now managed to create 26 marine alphabet flags


And with a mostly free Sunday I have started joining them so I can add them as a border:


AND I have converted the flags into embroidery designs so the 4 corners will have the birthday message spelt out in flags


So this might actually be finished before the big day!


Wednesday 11 May 2016

Peg Posting

I managed to find a few "me" hours today and did some cutting up and sewing together. Not the most exciting of projects, but a (another) lovely lady at church, Bea, asked for a peg bag that would go around her neck so pegs were easy to reach

I started by cutting 4 rectangles 10" X 11", and cut a scoop along the short side of one pair

I stitched each rectangle to a scooped rectangle, (leaving a gap in the base of one pair)

I turned one right side out and put that inside its twin, and arranged a 36" web strap, and stitched around the top

I snipped the curved edge

And turned it through the opening inside

And then took a rubbish photo!!!!!
Not sure husband's photo is much better, but here it is

Hope Bea likes it

Saturday 7 May 2016

Palm Post

Does your village have a Beryl? Ours does: she one of those wonderful people who will do anything for anyone. So when she asked for a favour I said yes!

Could she have a couple of palm trees please!

I hope these are ok

They started like this!

Luckily the lovely carpet man cut it shorter for me so it fitted into the car. Brian made the base while I painted the trunks and cut leaves

Since then I've been tidying and ironing, maybe *tomorrow* I'll get some sewing done!

Friday 6 May 2016

Museum Making

I had a fab afternoon at Chertsey Museum this afternoon - show send tell from last month was the best ever . . .

How stunning are they!!!!
And today we made Suffolk Puffs (aka yoyos)

And Susan brought a wall hanging she made some years ago:

It's such fun working with such talented ladies!

Thursday 5 May 2016

Blogging about Bramble

I've been working with a friend's daughter to make a "Crafty Pony" that she got for Christmas. Today we added the tail and made the numnah, and Bramble now looks complete!

How cute is that???? We've still got the saddle, reins and bridle to make, but M has got something she can play with!

I haven't done much else fabric related, but I did see these great tables outside a bar in Poland!

I think they should be compulsory at all bars!!!!