Saturday 20 August 2011

Quick Post

Just a quick post before I go out to teach class two this weekend (I LOVE my teaching weekends :-)

Friday was Chertsey museum: a healthy number (eight today) of ladies who can mostly already sew, and I'm sure teach me as much as I teach them!  A lovely group

One of the Chertsey ladies, Jenny, has been very firm with herself: all projects must be finished . . .and then she brings in the finished item for a bit of show and tell.  It is starting to rub off on some of the others too

So last month was stained glass owls -These are Jenny's trio (fusible bias, needle turn and cut away).  She made a padded wallet for A4 paperwork out of them.  She used buttons for the eyes which I think worked really well, and added some star buttons in the sky

Deborah made a little bag to bring her scissors to the class, with one owl each side
 And Carol finished this lovely chap (using buttons for the eyes again) with the cutest feet . . .

 and then went on to make a fish

The general consensus was that they much preferred to fusible bias method - so that helps me decide what to take to Windsor Library for their go tomorrow.

Today the Chertsey ladies did foundation flying geese, but those pics can wait until tomorrow, I need to unpack today's stuff and pack tomorrow's and then get to bed!


  1. OMG even Jenny forgot the beak!!!!!!!!!

  2. So glad you are enjoying the classes and that you are getting a reasonably good turnout! Keep it up = good practice for the 5 week classes starting in September. LOL and see you next week. xxx

  3. Can I have a go at making owls in October, they are very cute!


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