Monday 22 August 2011

Diamonds for Swirls

Last time I posted I mentioned an idea for the border for the Swirls wall hanging.  Linda explained how to do some lovely diamonds, but she did hers in one colour, while I wanted to use the same scraps as in the log cabin blocks.

So I cut 2inch squares, and attached them to a 3" wide piece of black fabric.


I then separated the two part units, pressed them, and then added black to the other end of the coloured squares.  then I separated and pressed each unit again, and trimmed each one to 2 inches wide

Then they got stitched together again, but slightly offset, so the squares have now become diamonds! 


Thanks for the instructions, Linda, I loved buzzing and bumbling my was through these!


  1. I have learnt something,(and not something ridiculous, for a change!), thank you.

  2. Hi Benta! Wow, that looks wonderful! You have always so good tricks! I couldn't have thought to make it that way! Impossible comes possible!
    Thank you!
    xxx Teje
    PS. I was thinking you again today because you teached me how to make easy pinwheeles and today I wanted to make and other block with triangles - then I found the way on my own, but I was ready to ask you, my friend!

  3. Fab border, a very clever idea and the effect is great.

  4. Hi Benta, I'm catching up with your blog after my hols. You have been so busy. I wish I was closer, I could attend your courses. Great work.


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