Saturday 23 January 2016

Quilting For Cats

Our cats understand that they are not supposed to go on the sofas, but they are allowed to sit on quilts.  They use 'people' quilts but today I got the urge to make them one for themselves.

I had an orphan - Sizzix cut hexies and triangles that were machine joined about 18 months ago, then abandoned.

I sandwiched and quilted it: mostly straight line quilting, but with a detour to echo the coloured star shapes

And once it was bound it was immediately used!!!

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Christmas Crafting

I know some people are really organised, getting gifts made well in advance of each Christmas. My friend Fiona is one of them. She is one of the hosts of  Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew - an annual event to encourage Christmas gift sewing all year.

The following post may have a few elements of cheating, but I have today made a Christmas present!

My brother and his family live in Australia, and in a few days time my mum is on her way to see them. I have bought gifts for my brother and his wife, but my niece and nephew (age 9 and 7) are getting crafty gifts.

India's is a doll for her to make. I bought the panel f(possibly from Spoonflower), and I'm sending a little sewing kit too so she can cut and sew the printed pieces, with a bit of help from mum. Sewing related, but not a stitched present.

Marley's is a dinosaur, but it's a bit more complicated to make, so I have done the cutting, and the main sewing, so he and mum can stuff and add some applique if required. It started as a panel like this

And now looks at bit like this

I know it isn't finished, but for the sake of mum's packing it has to be able to be sent flat, and I'm hoping he will enjoy stuffing and finishing it, and sewing the ruff on where he thinks it belongs.

Although it clearly isn't a "finish", and is late for 2015 rather than early for 2016, I hope Fiona will see it as a linkable finish as its all I'm going to do to it - hopefully he will enjoy finishing it, and next time I'll leave him to make his own pressie!

Sunday 17 January 2016

Warm Weekend

Warm Weekend? That's a lie - it's been blinking cold and a sprinkling of snow last night, but as I've finally finished my crochet cowl / infinity scarf * I * was warm! 

It wasn't MEANT to have a twist – after I made a long enough chain I tried to untwist it - I suppose at least there is only one twist!  As it was then a Möbius strip it meant the chain ended up down the middle and each side grew symmetrically which was a bonus!

At least I finally have something to link to Janine's (rainbow hare) wool on Sunday's link!

I've also managed to submit my tax return today, so next week I will be sewing - especially as mum is off to see the Aussie family on Thursday and I haven't yet made their Christmas pressies!

At M-i-L's today I added a few more I-spy hexagons, a whole load of triangles next! 

And I thought I'd show you baby Autumn's taggie as made by me - mum says it's well loved!

Isn't she cute!

Monday 11 January 2016

Barbados Blogging

My last three posts have had references to summer and sunshine, sunlight and sea, and needing vitamin "sea" - they have also all had the label #Barbados for anyone who didn't guess, these were scheduled last week as I was away . . . In Barbados!
Oh my gosh, what an amazing holiday! Just one holiday pic - our beach, the beach bar and the sea as seen from our roof terrace!

What I would like to share are some pics of my holiday sewing and purchases!
I took a kantha project (see my Pinterest page if you want to see the inspiration) - well over 25 hours so far!

My poor finger suffered though - no thimble!
And I took my La Pass second cog - it's progressing!
We managed to find a fabric shop in Bridgetown, and bought some fairly thick fabrics, suitable for bags, plus some faux silk
That back fabric is really bizarre - cats in tutus, Penguins in clown boots, lips in window boxes - I wasn't going to buy it, but kept getting drawn back to it - just as well: Lisa has claimed it for the big cushion at the back of her bed!

Friday 8 January 2016

Crafty Calendar

Niki's friend Polly is a teacher - a scary thought for those of us who have know here since she was 5, but these things happen!

She inherited a classroom with a lot of rubbish - but one of the things that survived a major clear out was this calendar

However, not only was it seriously out of date (see the years), but some numbers, most days and a season and a weather patch were replaced with either a laminated one, or a very basic stitched one

So I've embroidered the next six years

All the numbers

All the days

And the missing season and weather, so she and her mum can make new patches and recommission it

Rain and Winter - pah, can I choose Summer and Sunshine instead?

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Feeling Shirty

There have been quite a few posts about some blue quits for my cousin Bård's I owed him a huge thank you, and he asked for blue quilts.  You can click on the label Bård's Blues to see the other posts .  

I finally got sorted in my new sewing room and decided it was time to sew - time to convert the final strips of shirt fabric into something approaching a quilt.

(this looks a bit like sunlight reflecting off the sea!)

Just the binding to add then I'll have three quilts for him when I see him in June.

Saturday 2 January 2016

Crafty Christmas

 Did you have a good Christmas?  I hope so.  I was spoilt!  I'll just show you the sewing related stuff:

This sewing kit from Niki's boyfriend Harry

A sew-your-own Christmas decoration set and a lovely boxy pouch from Jackie

And fabrics and scissors from nephew and his wife

I saw this the other day - I quite agree!

Friday 1 January 2016

Spring Cleaning

Nearly twenty years ago, oldest daughter received a dolls house which had been lovingly made for her by my very talented father.   It has been really well looked after over the years (especially as she was 5 when she got it), but hasn't been attended to while she's been away, so the dust was fairly thick!

We emptied all the furniture and she cleaned the house while I cleaned the stuff.

Then we put everything back

I wish my house was this tidy!!!!

We looked at making a perspex cover to keep some of the dust off, but that stuff is really expensive.
In Paperchase (scrapbooking dept) I found some sheets of thick plastic, so made this cover.  I think I need a more subtle shade of duck tape!