Monday 8 September 2014

Triathlon Triangles

I cut a pile of charcoal hexies a while ago, but the colour didn't quite match the solid I had started to use, so they were just sitting there on the work bench feeling sorry for themselves.

I finally gave in and decided to use them: I pulled some yellow, and used the sizzix to cut some triangles:


Having cut, I started to sew, and then press (the only sort of triathlon that interests me: cut, sew, press). I liked the result, but wasn't convinced by just having two colours


So I cut a few other colours


And a few more!


These are being machine pieced (and nary a Y seam in sight!) so should stitch up quite quickly once I've worked out the maximum size I can make using the existing charcoal and lemon fabrics



  1. like the extra colours you have added and you gave me another giggle with your comment re triathlons I so agree!

  2. Growing well! No Y seems but plenty to match. :-)

  3. No Y seams, but still some evil triangles ;o)

  4. Looks fabulous.No Y seams? That`s great,don´t like Y seams.Have fun sewing them!!


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