Monday 28 August 2017

2007 Wk 34 - More embroidery!

I'm reaching th stage where I cant even bare to look at the Burgundy school uniforms - I've just counted the ones I've done so far in this delivery . . . 95!!!!  Still I'm consoling myself by calculating the invoice value!!

I have managed to alternate with some other designs: this one for a returning customer (her 4th quilt label from me)

and this on the I-spy quilt for a colleague at work who just became a great auntie

I also had a go at making a Pythagoras pouch for Lisa.  The fab Katy at Littlest Thistle explains the maths on how to make a zippy pouch with a flat bottom and vertical sides.  I had this fabric that Lisa wanted used

And this cr@p very important stuff that needed to fit inside

So maths done, paper template created, hole cut to allow fussy cutting

And ta-da - a zippy pouch with a flat bottom and vertical sides.

I did also put a pocket in  . . .

 And used the leftover fabric to make a humbug pouch

I've also used up some of my bead and charm stash by making these stilettos - great for poking things that need poking, or holding still stuff that shouldn't move

Sunday 20 August 2017

2017 Wk 33 Crafty Church

Despite this being the busy holiday period, we had pretty much our usual quota of ladies at Crafty Church this weekend. We had a variety of crafts:

I took advantage of the big tables to speed date some strips for a "use up the fabric" quilt,

There was lots of knitting going on

And Carolyn started off a blanket for me

Apart from that, I've been working on customer orders which seem to be arriving quicker than I can stitch

Saturday 12 August 2017

2017 Wk 32 - Mostly Multi-tasking

I'm surprised neither machine has burst into flames this weekend!
The embroidery machine has churned out a couple of dozen of these to be hand stitched to fleece jackets for the pre-school (20 stitched on so far, 20 to go)

The sewing machine has stitched 20 I-spy squares to sashing, and then together to make this for a customer (when baby arrives her name will be added)

Then the embroidery machine made two more Votes for Women sashes . . .

. . . while the sewing machine made two styles of humbug bags for the next Chertsey Museum class

And earlier in the week - I had a lab evening with two of of my favourite ladies
And we made these (thanks Plum for the instructions!)

Back to work tomorrow . . . for a rest!!!!!

Sunday 6 August 2017

2017 Wk 31 - Votes for Women!

The lovely staff at Chertsey Museum are planning  clothing display based on Suffragettes.  They have bought a replica sash for the display but have asked two of us to help make a few copies for the dressing up box.  I'm doing the embroidery and another lady is then making the sashes.

So far - so good (my version above and a photo of the original replica below)  I can't find a font that matches exactly so it's gone to the museum for a decision as to whether it will pass muster!

I was also at the museum for the regular monthly class - this month the ladies wanted to try paracord bracelets - a strange choice but they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves (some taking longer to get it than others!)

Some had done it before so they went onto the more complicated designs!!!!

A few also brought their tote bags from a couple of months ago - finished and in use!  Well done ladies