Monday 28 August 2017

2007 Wk 34 - More embroidery!

I'm reaching th stage where I cant even bare to look at the Burgundy school uniforms - I've just counted the ones I've done so far in this delivery . . . 95!!!!  Still I'm consoling myself by calculating the invoice value!!

I have managed to alternate with some other designs: this one for a returning customer (her 4th quilt label from me)

and this on the I-spy quilt for a colleague at work who just became a great auntie

I also had a go at making a Pythagoras pouch for Lisa.  The fab Katy at Littlest Thistle explains the maths on how to make a zippy pouch with a flat bottom and vertical sides.  I had this fabric that Lisa wanted used

And this cr@p very important stuff that needed to fit inside

So maths done, paper template created, hole cut to allow fussy cutting

And ta-da - a zippy pouch with a flat bottom and vertical sides.

I did also put a pocket in  . . .

 And used the leftover fabric to make a humbug pouch

I've also used up some of my bead and charm stash by making these stilettos - great for poking things that need poking, or holding still stuff that shouldn't move


  1. I've got this week off so I am in danger of derailing to make your straight-sided pouch. I'm writing a blog post right now so give it an hour or two to see what I've been up to.

  2. you have been busy this week, label will give such a professional finish to the quilt. Will check out the pouch looks good and your stilettos look lovely so pretty and pleasing to the eye

  3. What a lovely label Benta, the pouch looks pretty good too !

  4. I've done the straight sided/boxed bottom bags - I think they look a tad more "professional" (or like more effort went into them) than the ones that slant in. I make them both ways, but more often, the latter way because I don't always feel like digging around for my template :D And humbug bags are a great way to use up scraps - they're fun!

  5. Yay, you did a fab job, well done!

  6. That is gorgeous fabric Lisa!! Good choice!


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