Sunday 6 August 2017

2017 Wk 31 - Votes for Women!

The lovely staff at Chertsey Museum are planning  clothing display based on Suffragettes.  They have bought a replica sash for the display but have asked two of us to help make a few copies for the dressing up box.  I'm doing the embroidery and another lady is then making the sashes.

So far - so good (my version above and a photo of the original replica below)  I can't find a font that matches exactly so it's gone to the museum for a decision as to whether it will pass muster!

I was also at the museum for the regular monthly class - this month the ladies wanted to try paracord bracelets - a strange choice but they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves (some taking longer to get it than others!)

Some had done it before so they went onto the more complicated designs!!!!

A few also brought their tote bags from a couple of months ago - finished and in use!  Well done ladies


  1. That is going to an interesting display about the suffragettes. I love that the museum has a dressing up box! And those bracelets and bags look nice :)

  2. font looks good to me what a good project the ladies will be doing. Bracelets are all so colourful


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