Sunday 30 July 2017

2017 Wk 30 - a few (nearly) finishes

Well I put my fabric purchases to good use!

This quilt has been bound

This quilt has been made, quilted, bound and embroidered . . .

 for this gorgeous fella - my step sister's first grandchild - jealous - me? (yes!!!)

And this brick I-spy has had it's binding machined to the front

and has joined this rather embarrassing pile of quilts just waiting for that last hour or so's work to be finished!

I may have bought these lush wool cakes which I am impatient to start a row blanket with

and I have to confess that I would have bought these except by the time I saw them they only had crazy small and crazy huge sizes left - I cried - I love love LOVE these!!!!!


  1. HAHA omg those boots are adorable - no wonder the regular sizes are gone :D

    That's a nice little stack of quilts that are >< that close to completion - maybe you could set a goal of finishing one of them and then you get to play with the wool!

  2. I always feel challenged (in a good way) by your output. Congrats!

  3. you have been busy and have some lovely quilts here. I so enjoy the final stage of hand sewing the binding, my pile is high of quilts waiting to be sandwiched, wadding and backings cut but dread the next stage. Are the wool cakes knitting wool or wool fabric jelly roll types? Boots look so comfy

  4. Productive as ever Benta. I love those shoes and I'm a size 3!!!! Off to find them.

  5. The baby is adorable. No doubt, as he grows, he will be in need of a quilt or two or three...Shame about those shoes though - perhaps they'll be in stock somewhere else...At least you have a lovely collection of nearly finished quilts and the wool looks lovely too :)


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