Sunday 23 July 2017

2017 Wk 29 - Random makings

 A hand stitched brick I spy quilt has been worked on.  Not sure who for, but it's almost ready if the right baby comes along!  Just needing a name embroidered and the binding to be stitched

Another hand stitched project is possibly nearing completion - This top lives at Mother-in-Law's: I add a bit more each time we go there.  Today ten or so light coloured hexies started a new round, and I might finish when this round is completed: it's feeling like a good size.  Again, no destination in mind, but fun to do.

A customer at work brought me in two sewing/creative themed charms - a knitting needles and wool, and a button - I added them to some boring earrings for a bit of fun!

The lovely Plum sent me a get ell card a few weeks ago when I was feeling sorry for myself with a viral infection - she's so clever!  Thank you Plum

A friend bought some Charlie and the Chocolate factory fabric for her granddaughter who loves the Roald Dhal books.  I backed it with a soft blanket and did some double lined random quilting lines between the pictures.  Not to easy to see, but it does it's job and I'm please with it.  i just need binding fabric now - oh dear I might have to go fabric shopping!

 I've decided to limit myself to 5 hours customer embroidery a week - I need to have fun time to me too!!!!  These got lucky this week - and I get paid next week so I get lucky too!

 And finally I have cut into this gorgeous silky cotton that Lisa bought in Kuala Lumpur and paired it with the crazy cheap but perfect colour I bought in Walmart in Texas.  Hopefully a tunic dress will evolve, but there is a fair amount of making up as I go along so fingers crossed!

Hope you had a creative week!


  1. OOooOOO an Assorted Eye Candy post - fun! The I Spy quilt is quite sweet (especially the bunny print :D) and will be a lovely gift for a new baby (or even a toddler!) when the time is right :) The hexy quilt will be ready when it's time, but in the interim, you get the fun of working on it :) The earrings are adorable - very creative :) Sweet card, and lovely (purple) fabrics ... but if I may say so, the star of the show is the Charlie/Chocolate Factory quilt - oh MY! Now - did you use a twin needle for the quilting? That's a really awesome fun design!

  2. What a satisfying week you have had Benta, so many lovely things worked on. I am looking forward to seeing the tunic dress when it is completed.

  3. you have been busy not attempted a hand sewn quilt loving yours. Good idea having the project at MILs to work on and it is coming along well. Earrings look cute!
    The tunic I am sure will be lovely great colour too

  4. I can see you are well recovered Benta, and back to your usual level of productivity! Look forward to seeing the finished objects at R and K.

  5. Lovely quilts but very clever earrings!

  6. You have been very productive! I love the tunic fabric and the earrings


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