Saturday 15 July 2017

2017 Wk 28 - Where was I?

Where was I indeed?  A girly weekend in Italy went and changed itself into ten days viral infection (so I saw nothing of Bologna, but plenty of the Air B'n'B apartment, especially the bed!)  I didn't even want to to read, watch TV or even pick up needle and thread!!!!

But I'm back to almost what counts as normal, and back in the sewing room!

Today we had Crafty Church - so much inspiration - so many things I want to try

This awesome colour changing 'cake'

Some blocks for a long term sample quilt

A pink heart heart for a new baby girl

Many hands making light work of a disobedient sewing machine

A cardigan and a jumper under construction

And a crocheted pineapple - of course!


  1. Glad you are back up to speed!

  2. OMG that's awful, Benta - I'm glad you're better - that must have been frustrating as all get out! It looks like Crafty Church is time for trying all kinds of fun new things - the pineapple is making me giggle :D

  3. sounds a nasty virus and such a shame to have been so poorly whilst away, good to know you are now feeling a lot better. As usual the ladies have been busy at the sewing club with their makes

  4. A very creative session. I love the crochet :-)

  5. You had the same views as I had of Morocco a few years ago. Glad you're better now though. CC is productive as ever!


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