Tuesday 30 September 2014

Birthday Bonus

Thanks to someone at home (unidentified but one of two suspects) putting birthday post in the junk post pile, I only found a pressie from Plum yesterday

But it was worth waiting for!  

About 5" square (when folded in half) it's perfect for the makings of half a dozen hexi flowers - and fits perfectly in my handbag

So I can keep adding to this collection of hexi flowers

Thank you Plum xx

Saturday 27 September 2014

How to BEEhave

I blogged a while ago about *my* consequences quilt, but a consequence of being in round robin is that I have to make blocks for the others in the group.

Mt first blocks are for Karen.  She has taken hexies and bees as her theme, and asked for blocks in yellow and grey.

Her fabrics and blocks are really inspiring, and gorgeous!

She has asked for two blocks from each of us.  I am going to paper piece some grey hexies for one of mine, but I had an idea for a machine embroidery for the other one so have done that first.

I really hope she likes it. It isn't paper pieced, but it certainly fits in with her yellow, grey, hexagons and bees theme!

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Back to Broom Farm

It's been quite a while since I taught at Broom Farm - I've missed the girls, so it was great to start again with some workshops there last Monday.

We started with recycling jeans - we looked at loads of ideas of things they could make, and then all made a pot - some made slippers too!!!

Next session . . . Bunting!

Sunday 21 September 2014

Mayhem in Milan

I've been AWOL for the last few days, I do apologise, I went away for a girly weekend with friends: chats and laughs, food and drinks, shopping and culture, and a *lot* of walking!

Rainbows seemed to feature a lot, along with random pieces of wood


Climbing the stars to the top of this church hopefully used the calories from the scrummy ice cream!


The secret courtyards and balconies were gorgeous


We found some great sewing themed, and other fun items for sale:

And a wonderful needle and thread piece of art!


And to top it off, I worked with my own needle and thread, and finished another half dozen hexie flowers :-)

Looking good eh?

Thursday 18 September 2014

Serious Speed Dating

A friend popped round a few days ago and was surprised when I invited her in to help mum and I speed dating.

I suppose for non-patch workers it has a different meaning, but she picked it up quickly and we have speed dated these blocks and reckon they are all happy in their place

Annoyingly they haven't all been trimmed to size, so it will be a while before I can sew this one and snuggle under it, but at least it's one stage closer to being done!

Monday 15 September 2014

Random Recap

Thanks to all the asked about my disaster recovery attempts, I thought I'd show the evidence . . .

The tissue pouches were redone and delivered, and thanked for, and used, so I guess they are OK this time

And the Gothic initials have been received and approved and paid for, so I guess they were ok too

I also thought I'd share my pompom gadget from Festival of Quits - this sooooo beats flaffing around with card circles and a needle

And in other news, my crochet blanket is growing slowly :-)

Sunday 14 September 2014

Upstairs Downstairs

As if I don't have enough UFOs at the moment I got an urge to cut some bargain hobby craft Christmassy FQs yesterday.  (£6.50 for five FQs, I couldn't resist!)

I had a plan, so I cut

And I pressed

Then I felt I ought to be sociable, so I joined Niki and Brian downstairs and decided that as my hexi box was full it was time to start making flowers

I was planning on adding a path between these flowers, but seeing them butted up against each other I think I might just join them as they are

Thursday 11 September 2014

Daughter distraction

I'm delighted to be back in my sewing room, and able to sit at my computer - we've just had a 48 hour experience that I never want to repeat.

It started with Niki having an 8 day headache, fuzzy vision and tingling fingertips - two trips to the doctors, loads of drugs and unable to get another appointment for nearly a week, then a trip to the walk-in centre who sent her to A&E.

There she was tested for stroke, aneurysm, brain pressure, and goodness knows what else, while being pumped full of pain killers and antibiotics just in case it was meningitis.  By 3am on Wednesday morning everything else prooved negative, so they had to do a lumber puncture to check it wasnt meningitis: that happened mid afternoon, and we got the results yesterday evening - not meningitis, yippee!!!! Whatever the infection was it was sorted by all the drugs, so after she had spent 12 hours pretty much flat on her back after the LP she was allowed home this morning, and we both spent today catching up on some much needed sleep!

I didn't even have time to sort out any hand sewing as I dashed off to take her to A&E, so it was especially therapeutic to get back to the Triathalon Triangles and finish pressing them today

They even look like the plan - how'd that happen?

Thanks to all my Facebook friends for the comments and messages over the last 48 hours - all much appreciated by Niki and me xx

Monday 8 September 2014

Triathlon Triangles

I cut a pile of charcoal hexies a while ago, but the colour didn't quite match the solid I had started to use, so they were just sitting there on the work bench feeling sorry for themselves.

I finally gave in and decided to use them: I pulled some yellow, and used the sizzix to cut some triangles:


Having cut, I started to sew, and then press (the only sort of triathlon that interests me: cut, sew, press). I liked the result, but wasn't convinced by just having two colours


So I cut a few other colours


And a few more!


These are being machine pieced (and nary a Y seam in sight!) so should stitch up quite quickly once I've worked out the maximum size I can make using the existing charcoal and lemon fabrics


Saturday 6 September 2014

Paint and Paper

Yesterday's session at Chertsey museum took me a little out of my comfort zone - I like to work with fabric and needle and thread, but we were using paper and paint and paintbrushes!

I bought some transfer paints at a quilt show earlier in the year: you paint on paper then iron the image onto polyester and the image transfers, but much brighter colours.

We had some fab results, but the most stunning was this tiger.  

Stephanie used a printed colouring page (from google) and pretty much painted the whole tiger orange, planning to add the stripes later with embroidery thread, but the paint didn't transfer from the black areas so the detail transferred too.

Fab afternoon, thank you ladies :-)

(Individual photos are on the Fun With Fabric blog:  http://funwithfabricuk.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/paint-paper.html)

Thursday 4 September 2014

Magna Carta Wall Hanging

I don't know if I've blogged about this before: it isn't my project but I'm involved in a few bits with the ladies who are creating it.

Next year is the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta: it was signed on a island in the Thames, and the neighbouring borough of Runnymede has always claimed the fame, but the Thames has moved over the last 800 years, towards Runnymede.  So any land previously in the Thames must now be the other side of the river - ie in Wraysbury, so the Wraysbury ladies are making a wall hanging to celebrate.

Shields (cross stitched) round the outside

And applique (slightly 3D) in the centre

Isn't it fab!

My job is to work out how best to attach the shields together (anyone got any ideas?) and to design a machine embroidery to represent this

this is the embroidery plan so far :

The attaching of the shields isn't going so well:

This is the 'bounce' or 'dryer sheet' method, but as they want a fusible bias binding outline I think it's probably too raised

 This is the start of the 'plonk' method (!)  the edges will be hidden by the fusible bias

And this is the porthole method from a recent copy of Popular Patchwork, but again I think the height difference is too much.

 I shall be badgering Plum (the applique queen) for ideas when I see her on Monday, otherwise it may have to be the highly technical 'plonk' method

PS Thanks for the pins, Jackie, I love them!

Monday 1 September 2014

Consequences Quilt

The Richmond and Kew Round Robin Consequences Quilt needed a box or bag to travel in, so I decided to have a play with the embroidery machine

The bag is based on Svetlana's drawstring bag: I just made it bigger for this one.

While it was stitching I had another play . . . I have a plan for a number of these bags, a few people could get them for Christmas!

Now I've reached the end of the school holidays (thank you all for your sympathy) and have to return to the day job which means far less fabric fun - I'll try and keep up with reading your blogs even if I don't get as much sewing and blogging done myself