Thursday 28 August 2014

Consequences Quilt

I'm a member of the Richmond and Kew quilters group: we meet once a month. We are starting a Round Robin challenge on the lines of the game Consequences- we start a quilt then send it on its way to another member (with fabric, a sheet to pin the blocks to, and an outline of our plan) and in the meantime we receive the same from another member. We won't see ours again for nearly a year until it has gone to all the others in the group

Lisa brought me a FQ pack of bright fabrics earlier this year, with an extra yard of the orange, so I decided to use these fabrics

I cut a whole load of 2" squares

And stitched them together

My rough thought is for a strip quilt of all different blocks - people can choose their own favourite block and add a row of them, I'll probably assemble them with orange sashing from the extra yard

I just hope it's not too daunting having to make blocks for other people!


  1. great idea x I love Round-Robin quilts .. you just NEVER know what you will get back xx.. lovely fabrics by theway x

  2. I'm impressed you know how to spell consequenses.

  3. I'm sure what you get back will be entirely unexpected!

  4. Beautiful colours!

  5. I love your bright squares. Very exciting to see what comes back :)


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