Sunday 10 August 2014

Shopping Show and Tell

Now that I'm home and have recovered from walking *hundreds* of miles (my feet tell me I'm not exaggerating much) I can show you day 2's shopping haul:

The Warm Company were giving away wadding (batting) in exchange for an email address: Warm and White on Friday, and Soft and White on Saturday - thank you, I'll have some of that!

There was a stall selling 150cm wide fabric cut into 50cm lengths (so nearly the size of 3 FQs) for £3:50 a piece, so I bought some red and whites from them, and I picked up some £1 FQs that will be great for Sunday school.

I also got some picture FQs, some buttons and some beads, some sea fabric for a lighthouse quilts I've been asked to make, and that wibbly pink frame is a pompom maker - the ladies on the stall made it look really easy!

I think that's about all :-)

I did take some photos of some fab quilts - they are on the Private Use page


  1. You did well! The pompom maker intrigues me though...

  2. so good to meet you on friday, now when I read you blog I can remember the lovely chat we had. See you had a good spend, I only managed one lot of batting and that was a polyester one.

  3. You've got a great haul of treasures there and it sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

  4. Lovely - and it doesn't look too extravagant!

  5. The pompom maker looks intriguing, the stallholders always make these things look so easy don't they!


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