Saturday 2 August 2014

Pressies needed, Pronto!

After an early start ("taxi" service to the airport at 5am) I planned a relaxing morning before meeting friends for lunch . . . lunch for a friend's birthday . . . Sue's birthday . . . Oh flip flops, no pressie!

Inspired by people I admire, I made a notebook cover for her, and for another of the girls who's birthday is next week.

The instructions for the cover come from Plum,

the elastic for a pen came from Jackie,

and the rainbow design came from Kathy

So I cut rainbow fabrics into 1.5" strips

Joined them, and cross cut into strips

Bordered them with some sketch fabric, and cut to size

added the sleeves, and stitched and turned through

Two birthday pressies sorted in time!


  1. Can I just say how jealous I am of all your sewing time while you've been on holiday?! Still, you've got loads done, even if Janet hasn't yet claimed her bag ;o)

  2. Great gifts!
    They will love them.
    I do.

  3. Good job! Enjoy your week end

  4. I love the sketch fabric. Lovely presents well done!

  5. ah! nothing like a bit of panic and a deadline xx Hope you had a good time x

  6. Lovely Benta, that sketch fabric really sets of the rainbow squares.

  7. Great gifts Benta, isn't it amazing what a deadline can do for your creativity :)

  8. cute! Great gifts.


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