Friday 29 August 2014

Fonts on Friday

A few days ago I messaged Fiona with the plans for the medieval font she wants embroidered. She was happy with the design, but then I opened the saved design to see this:

My $]**@& computer lost the font (!!)

Medieval font has vanished, but Fiona is happy with Olde English instead

While I was waiting for her reply I tacked the centre line on each piece of fabric, plus another tacking line to show where the writing was to start (1/2" left and 1" down from centre) - I didn't want to risk any fabric marker on the silk!

The sample stitched out ok


  1. Oh look, something for me in there :oD Or Fiona has relatives with the same initials... Nah, must be for me ;o)

    1. It's definitely for you Katy! How could there be another :)

  2. Lovely! I like the font. Sometimes computers make me so angry!

  3. This font looks lovely! Too bad about the lost one, though.

  4. Isn't technology wonderful and painful all at the same time Benta :) Looking good though!

  5. Your stitches are beautifl.Have a fun week and great month!

  6. Well done on finding another font to work!


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