Tuesday 26 August 2014

Creative Christmas

How's this for advanced planning!!!  I'm teaching a class in December on making a reversible Christmas stocking - and not only have I made the samples, but I've written the instructions too!

So the stocking looks like this

Or you can turn it inside out to look like this

The instructions are here 

And if your spacial awareness is OK you'll make this which can be made into either version

However, if you're having a bad day, or have rubbish spatial awareness skills, you could end up with this which will never work

Or this which isn't reversible - sigh!

Still I did get there in the end!


  1. Kind of you to show us the 'how not to' as well. Now if you could just write a tute for oven gloves too, perhaps I'd make some that didn't have one side showing the lining fabric!
    well done for being so advanced in your planning!

  2. Thanks so much for showing these photos Benta. I sometimes despair that I am the only one that can't deal with the " inside out, back to front ness" of sewing functional items. I think that's why I abandoned dressmaking for quilting, more straightforward!

  3. thanks for sharing these, had a little chuckle at the one that went wrong. kind of thing I would do

  4. Most bloggers are reluctant to show their wadders. I think we should organize, say, October 13th, for Silly Sewing Mistakes Day.
    They ate good for a chuckle and to know I am not alone in making silly mistakes.
    I recall making that Mega Pinnie (which won a blue ribbon at fair!) and reading cut 6 x 7" squares as 6" x 7".
    Christmas in August - it was 93' yesterday (nearly 40'c).
    Good job.

  5. Great stocking and bloopers too! Nice to see what to look for if it's not going to work.

    I've started the slide towards Christmas too. Two of my mystery items from my list are for a certain little person's first Christmas. It feels so Autumnal anyway we may as well get on with it!

  6. Thanks for the chuckle Benta, I am always having trouble with visualising things inside out and back to front too!

  7. These - the finished ones! - are great and the small hiccoughs made me smile :)

  8. Popped over from Ho Ho Ho - great stocking, but I love the blooper pics (and descriptions) too :D I like the Silly Sewing Mistakes Day idea - I bet most of us would have a project or 18 to post to that, LOL. I recently pressed a zipper bag using a paper towel as a pressing cloth (very dirty iron), and I actually melted the paper towel into the fabric of the zipper bag - I couldn't believe my eyes, LOL!!! You can bet I won't make THAT mistake again! :)

  9. Hehehe. Well done for sticking with it! I have to make a stocking for my daughter this year so will be pinning this post. Thanks!

  10. It looks very cool.

  11. I don't know which impressed me most, preparing for Christmas already or sticking with the design until it worked, well done :-)

  12. Thanks Benta, you just made me laughing out loud ☺
    And thanks for the pattern too, great!
    ps. did you get my mail about the Around the World Blog Hop?


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