Wednesday 6 August 2014

Secret Sewing

Today I've been doing a bit of machine embroidery designing and stitching, some (secret) sewing and packing for my trip to Festival of Quilts.

Part of the box of fabric recently donated was a sort of linen / hessian fabric in a stone / beige fabric - I'm not normally a fan of this neutral shade (it was part of my school uniform at senior school) but add a bit of dark red thread and I'm loving it

But this is all I'm going to show you today

I've packed the important things:  This fab triple zipped pouch that Jackie made for me holds everything for my Rainbow and Steel hexi project for the train

Roll on tomorrow!


  1. Have fun!

    P.S. I'm looking forward to finding out about that secret sewing!!

  2. Interesting secret. Hope you and your Sew Together Bag have fun at FOQ!

  3. I too am wondering what you are making, have a lovely day today and I will see you tomorrow

  4. I love redwork I am looking forward to seeing more of that project. Have a great time at the Festival too.

  5. I have some of that fabric! Have a fab time!


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