Thursday 7 August 2014

Secret Sewing Spoiler Alert

Yesterday's sewing was pressies for Jackie: a project bag

With this embroidered on the front 

And a pin cushion for sewing machine needles - so you can identify them if one has plenty of life left in it but you need something different for now


  1. Every time I see that needle pincushion. I am needing it. But I haven't made one yet. I am forever switching needles out and then having to squint to make out the stupid number on the shank.
    Would you consider doing the embroidery for the top only and mailing it as a letter size?
    I can put my extra serger needle in the middle.

  2. Smart thinking on the needle pincushion, I'm totally haphazard with mine!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the red embroidery on that fabric :)


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