Thursday 6 August 2015

La Passacaglia Progress and Pretty Post

I have tacked and joined some of the La Passacaglia templates, and a shape is beginning to emerge.  The question is do I take it with me as a travel project?  I'm worried all the shapes will fall off and I'll get confused again

I might try some fussy cutting later, but for now I'm happy using solid scraps from the HST quilt a few months ago

Some fab post arrived from the lovely Reene in Oregon, USA.  She is making a Bow Tie quilt - she's making 700 (yes SEVEN HUNDRED) of these blocks, and is trying to make them all out of different fabrics

I sent her some charm squares and scraps that I had got fed up with trying to use,  and she sent me these to add to my sweet sixteen blocks - I was delighted - ALL of them are new fabrics tome

She also sent me a barrette (translates to hair slide this side of the pond!) that her husband had made.  It's really beautiful - made of modern dicroic glass (developed by NASA). 

I had several attempts at photographing the slide in my hair, using mirrors . . .

 But finally managed to get this

I did decide to have a go at quilting the Light House Quilt.  Its been a very long time since I tried FMQ, so I had a practice, and was happy with it

And then had a go on the real thing - not so good :-(   This isn't brown bobbin thread pulling through, its fluff from the brown fleece I have backed it with.  I think I'm going to have to hand quit this one

Off to mum's for the night tonight, then back to teach advent calendars and marbling onto fabric tomorrow . . . and off to Jackie's for FOUR days on Saturday, 

And I'll have hours and hours to wait at the airport so I'll catch up with reading other blogs!


  1. I love La Passacaglia! I'd never have the patience to make one but it is a stunning pattern and I think your solids are looking great. Hope the birthday party goes well and you have a lovely break with Jackie :)

  2. A huge YIPEE from me to can't wait for the weekend :-)

  3. You took a photo with your phone so, yes, it's now a travel project.
    God bless these smarty pants phones.
    I'm getting to know Renee as well - she lives just south of me and I was surprised to see your name pop up in a comment!
    You are one busy connected gal.
    Lovely hair slide - looks beautiful in your gorgeous hair.

  4. How frustrating that the fleece fabric is showing through on your quilting Benta, hope hand quilting solves the problem.
    Love the glass hair slide :)

  5. your turquoise fabric is lovely in your EPP project. What a bore the wadding coming through after all the hard work you put into making the lighthouse quilt. Fingers crossed it works with hand quilting. Slde looks very nice in your hair

  6. Ha! I finally had time to catch up on your posts on your blog, and realized one was written about the scraps I sent to you! Thank you so much for the nice mention, and the barrette (hair slide) looks very good!


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