Monday 17 August 2015

Marking, Mending and Making

 Niki and I went to Ikea the other night, and amongst other things we bought a wireless charger for our phones.  the way the system works meant we had to have new phone cases - and they only came in boring white, so I jazzed mine up a bit

It helped that Tesco was selling this fab pack of sharpies for just £7 - about 1/3 of the usual price!

I've had a few bits and pieces in the sewing room that have broken.  Husband has passed on some Sugru stuff (see here for other inspiration).  It's like BluTak, but sets into a permanent but rubbery shape, and is great for fixing or creating!

I fixed a broken embroidery hoop, and broken scissor grip, and I used some more to put ends onto my felting needles, and to make a chunky handle for a crochet hook!

 My Rainbow Hexie project has stalled a bit

But some of the hexies that hadn't made the cut were bugging me. They were in shades of turquoise and teal and looked lovely together, but didn't belong in the quilt.  At Ikea I picked up some hessian/jute/burlap fabric and added it to a band of hexies I had joined together.  I added a lining of  hessian but it wasn't very stable, so I added craft/pelmet vilene inside.  I then hand quilted it to stop the whole lot shifting around too much

I'm not quite sure what it will be used for - but it's pretty, and it used up unwanted fabric!


  1. Love your rainbow hexies, they make a nice contrast with the grey background.I love all the other settings you showed in a previous post.

  2. ooh! I like your colouring xx .. ALWAYS better than white x

  3. Good phone case you have certainly brightened it up, have seen sharpies on sale everywhere but not been tempted as I do not think they work on fabric. About time I had a trip to Ikea fortunately it is only a 2 bus ride away. Hexies project is one of those things you can pick up and put down as when you feel like it and not have to remember where you are up to,

  4. What a creative girl you've been! Love the phone case colouring - and love your hexie quilt and bucket too! Most productive!

  5. The phone case is super cool and those hexies projects caught my eye.Great projects.

    Have a fun week.

  6. I bought those Sharpies as well - great price - just happened to be in Tesco at the right time as I don't usually shop there :)


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