Monday 31 August 2015

Me Me Me Monday

Monday 31st August. Fortunately a bank holiday, unfortunately the last day of my holidays! But I spent it wisely! I sewed for me!

A while ago I won a bag pattern: the Everyday Tote Bag. Jackie and I made one and then one each in February, and two more in July.

My July version went to a friend as a birthday pressie and I wanted to tweak a few things in a new version for me.

I wanted wider, two internal zip pockets, the right length straps, a secret slip pocket, a key clip and slightly more subdued colours.

So that's what I did! The blue and cream version is the new one

The main internal slip pockets are designed for my wallet and my card wallet, and there are two zip pickets for car park tickets etc, intentionally different colours so I *might* not have to check both to find anything,

The secret slip pocket is in the lining, and is the full depth of the bag: it's ideal to sling my phone it - no one can surreptitiously take it but I can easily find it.

I like my straps to be long enough I can hold them in my hand and swing my elbow through - so I can put it on my shoulder with the one hand, so I've done that, and I've filled it with all my necessary essentials

My keys are on the ribbon - not my house and car keys, but my work keys: they are accessible but not weighing down my personal key ring.

I used all "home dec" weight fabric so it's quite sturdy, especially as I used interfacing too, but I like bags that stand open for me to throw things into, and there is plenty of room for all my cr@p and shopping too.

A well spent final day of freedom!


  1. I love your modifications. Like the different color zips. check. the hidden slip pocket. check. straps to fit your lifestyle.check.
    You are always changing things up to make it work better!

    I saw a tote on etsy that had a zippered pocket made on the outside seam. I loved that idea - secure but outside the mess that generally accumulates inside a tote.

  2. A practical (and pretty) bag is worth it's weight in gold. What a fantastic idea to use different coloured zippers on it - I would never have thought of that, but it would make life just that little bit easier! The hidden slip pocket is a great idea too. I carry my bags over my shoulder - if I had to carry it in my hand(s) I'd put it down somewhere and lose it - guaranteed!

  3. well done ... and time you made something for you xx enjoy it with all your own personal "bits" xx

  4. Another lovely bag and I love the modifications :-)

  5. Congratulations,anyone is fabulous!!

  6. this is certainly a bag and a half and you have adapted it to be just what you wanted very clever

  7. A great days work Benta, a bag definitely "fit for purpose"!

  8. This is a wonderful bag! You'll be super organised :)


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