Saturday 29 August 2015

Bottle Bag

I try and drink plenty of water, but I like it REALLY cold.  I generally freeze half a bottle overnight and then top up when I'm drinking so all the liquid is ice cold.

The down side is the condensation it leaves everywhere, so I had half a plan to make a container out of towelling, then I stumbled across this post.  Susie made a patchwork bottle bag that I thought would work fine with a sacrificed towel as the lining.  I wasn't overly fussed about cutting 40 squares of fabric so I joined two width-of-fabric strips and turned them into a chequerboard arrangement the right size and shape

I used the patchwork as a pattern piece to cut the lining and finally figured out the spiral joining method (the two pins need to be touching)

The lining was a bit bulky, but its exactly what I want, and will absorb all the condensation so I am delighted with my battle bag.  I think it will also insulate it so it stays cold for longer - I hope so.  I added one strap and also two rings so I can attach a shoulder strap if I'm going for a walk


  1. this is a good idea, I take water when I am out for the day but do not enjoy it when it gets tepid, usually keep it in the fridge but will try your way and freeze it overnight so it will be cold for longer, just hope I do not need a slurp before it defrosts!

  2. Nice job! I like mine tepid if I drink any at all. Water is something I have to force down.


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