Monday 24 August 2015

Linking at Last

I keep meaning to link up with Fiona's "New to Me" and her "Ho Ho Ho and on we Sew", and I'm finally remembering to do so!

I have blogged about this before, but here is my Ho Ho Ho offering:

Hand dyed / marbled fabric sewn into zippy pouches for friends for Christmas

And for "New To Me" I'm offering these, some already posted, some new

Peg bags made for a friend: the opening is under the bone

La Passacaglia

Tool store / pin cushions

And binding caddy and hexie caddy


  1. You are way ahead of me Benta! I have just written the New to Me post :)

  2. Great projects goin on Benta, I love the green-stripe surprise inside the top pouch. gorgeous marbling.
    Bone bags are a hoot!

  3. good to see you are sharing with other bloggers who do not follow you as you make so many lovely things. I too follow Fiona very imspiring

  4. I love them all especially La Passacaglia!

  5. I want to see where you go with the La Passacaglia.

  6. While I'm a zipper bag fanatic, those dog bone clothespin bags are making me grin from ear to ear - the recipients are going to squeal when they see them, LOL! Those dyed fabrics are beyond luscious - I saw a pin this morning that mentioned snow dyeing - that got me thinking about dyeing fabric, and now you've posted such gorgeous pictures - I need to investigate this art form!

  7. Zipper bags are always great presents! Thanks for linking up :-)


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