Tuesday 29 March 2016

What have you been doing?

I'm not working on any particular projects at the moment, but during a drive to my mums, and a day at hers, I tacked a whole load of La Passacaglia pieces and got this far on my third cog

Back at home I got fed up with my 2.5" strip drawer overflowing,

and inspired by this from Kitchen Table Quilting I started sewing the strips in pairs

and then trimming them to 4.5" squares.  It will take a while, but its a good enders and leaders project.

I also made some patches for the girlfriends I go away with each autumn - our last trip was to Gibraltar and we went on a dolphin spotting trip!

And I tidied my room so I can see nearly all of my workbench

And I machined binding onto three quilts ready for hand finishing

 I love school holidays!!!!

Saturday 26 March 2016

Bodging A Bag

For a while now I've been making variations of the Everyday tote from For my little monster.

For the last 7 months I've used both of these that I made in August last year, and decided it was time for a change

Jackie and I have made at least 8 versions of this bag over the years, and this time I was happy to ditch the instructions and go it alone - bodging as I went

I used faux leather / pleather for the base, I orientated it landscape rather than portrait, I made a body strap rather than two shoulder straps, and I totally changed(*) the full width external zip pocket

I have previously added slip pockets in the lining for my phone, but this time I made more of  welt pocket which I can secure with a button if I need to, and I added slip pockets to both sides inside

I added two small zip pockets inside, and one outside, and (*) I added a suitcase handle pocket like I created for one of my Barbados bags

I'm delighted with it: hardly any un-sewing required, it's comfortable to wear, and holds ALL my cr@p

Sunday 20 March 2016

Crafty Church Catchup

I don't usually remember to take photos at Crafty Church but this time I did - lots of variety!

Kathy colouring,

Alex foundation piecing, 

Ann crocheting, 

Lesley making outfits for next Christmas's shepherds, 

Tara demonstrating crochet with wire

and Lynne poring over a box of donated goodies  

Thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!

Saturday 19 March 2016

Saturday Sort Out

Today I've completed a few things in the sewing room:

I have finished this quilt for a very good friend who is leaving school

It is hand quilted, and even labeled!!!

And pre-loved by a cat!

I made gifts for two staff leaving the other school I work at

 I cut all my new fabrics into 8" squares for I-Spy quilts

And trimmed the left overs into 4" x 8" for Brickwall I-Spy quilts, and pieces suitable for my I-Spy hexagon quilt AND the selvedge edge quilt that is under long term construction!


And then I went to play at Crafty Church - those pics will follow another day!

Sunday 13 March 2016

Wool at the Weekend

I keep meaning to link with Janine's Wool on Sundays posts.  She is really good at knitting and crochet, and doll making (have you seen Grandma Alice?)

But I have started to get the hang of crochet (well, the one stitch that I have been taught) and I have now finished a baby blanket

And have started on a scarf, AND have remembered to post pictures on a Sunday!!! Yay!!!

I have also finished an I-Spy quilt started in December.

This gorgeous boy was born to a second cousin of mine in Norway back before Christmas, but mum and dad have only just now decided on a name!

So it was only this weekend that I could embroider his name!  The binding won't take too long to finish then I can post i

Saturday 12 March 2016

That Was The Week That ...

That Was The Week That ...lots of pictures of babies on my patchworks appears in my email in box or on Facebook

That Was The Week That ...I found a new home for my Eli patchwork

 That Was The Week That ... I helped a little girl make this Crafty Pony

With feet and all

And her mum bought the 3.5 kg of stuffing the instructions suggested ... I don't think we'll get it all in there!

 That Was The Week That ... I made some zippy pouches as birthday / thank you pressies

That Was The Week That ...I made a taggie for a teacher at school who is about to go on maternity leave

That Was The Week That ... I  embroidered one of two boxes of school uniforms

And last but by no means least

That Was The Week That ... my BFF sent me these photos from the Breast Cancer Unit at the local hospital, and sadly will be spending far too much time there over the next four months and will be sick and tired of this.

 If you are a praying person please pray for her and her family and friends as they (we) go on this journey.  If you are not a praying person, please think positive thoughts and keep everything crossed that there is a good outcome

Saturday 5 March 2016

These? I've Had Them For Ages!

These?  They've been in my stash for ages

These?  Jackie gave them to me

These?  They were in that last donation box

Do any of these sound convincing? Have you got any better suggestions on how I can hide the fact that I went shopping (Jackie, Helen says "Hello)" and bought three yards of red, and of white and one yard each of blue and green and yellow and beige. . .

AND half a dozen I-spy FQs? 

AND I was inspired by a work colleague (Hello Anna) who brought this in to show me

She made the clams with pop-out templates from Foltvilag

And while she was showing me, the computer was right there in front of me . . .  and I just had to order some didn't I

These came today, 

together with a pack of apple core templates

I think I may need to find a local addiction treatment centre!!!! 

(But if I give some to Jackie that will make it OK won't it?)