Sunday 13 March 2016

Wool at the Weekend

I keep meaning to link with Janine's Wool on Sundays posts.  She is really good at knitting and crochet, and doll making (have you seen Grandma Alice?)

But I have started to get the hang of crochet (well, the one stitch that I have been taught) and I have now finished a baby blanket

And have started on a scarf, AND have remembered to post pictures on a Sunday!!! Yay!!!

I have also finished an I-Spy quilt started in December.

This gorgeous boy was born to a second cousin of mine in Norway back before Christmas, but mum and dad have only just now decided on a name!

So it was only this weekend that I could embroider his name!  The binding won't take too long to finish then I can post i


  1. Congrats on that gorgeous blanket, Benta. It really is lovely and your scarf is going to be gorgeous. The quilt looks great too and little Tobias is adorable :)
    Also, say hello from me to Grandma Alice! I'm glad she's being helpful. Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays!

  2. Look at you, Benta, all yarny and fabricy and FINISHY! First of all, though, I just want to nibble on Tobias for a few minutes - he's very nommable and sweet :) YUM! Well done on your crocheting - that was not a craft that I was able to pick up, despite my poor grandmother's attempts :D I could do the basic stitch, but none of my granny square blocks were anywhere near the same size - it was quite atrocious, LOL. I have a set of looms here to try doing some yarnwork, but haven't worked up the nerve yet :D Very pretty baby quilt, and I love the variegated yarn in that scarf - it'll be gorgeous! Sweet quilt, too, for Sir Tobias - you're on a roll! I read Janine's Wool on Sundays posts but never have anything to contribute - one of these days I might finish a lucet cord and post it, LOL!

  3. Congratulations on mastering crochet Benta your blanket is lovely!

  4. crochet is coming along well, I struggle with it too.Liking the name Tobias he is sure to love the quilt when he is a bit older

  5. The blanket is beautiful! That's a lovely yarn that you're using for the scarf and the I-Spy quilt looks will become a favourite of little Tobias for sure :-)

  6. That blanket looks great! I like the way the colours go together, and the white really stands out in a very nice way.

    Tobias is cute. Is it normal to take time to name your baby in Norway? As odd as it is to start calling your baby by the name you have chosen, I can't imagine not naming them immediately.

  7. Tobias is adorable and your blanket is super cute.

  8. Love the blanket - crochet is so hard to get right because the colours can be such a blast and you have them just right. Love Grandma Alice too!


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