Saturday 5 March 2016

These? I've Had Them For Ages!

These?  They've been in my stash for ages

These?  Jackie gave them to me

These?  They were in that last donation box

Do any of these sound convincing? Have you got any better suggestions on how I can hide the fact that I went shopping (Jackie, Helen says "Hello)" and bought three yards of red, and of white and one yard each of blue and green and yellow and beige. . .

AND half a dozen I-spy FQs? 

AND I was inspired by a work colleague (Hello Anna) who brought this in to show me

She made the clams with pop-out templates from Foltvilag

And while she was showing me, the computer was right there in front of me . . .  and I just had to order some didn't I

These came today, 

together with a pack of apple core templates

I think I may need to find a local addiction treatment centre!!!! 

(But if I give some to Jackie that will make it OK won't it?)


  1. My husband has finally ceased making comments about new fabric purchases on the credit card.... guess that means he has accepted my addiction. So many things to Ohh and AHH over in the fabric world. Thanks for saying hello at The Girlfriend Gap . My little grand daughter is doing well. So thankful for that. The rest of us are now sick. BOO to that as it really cuts down on sewing time. Janita

  2. Those look cool Benta, I have always wanted to do an apple core! Each template can only be used once?

  3. I hide mine in deep stash.
    And if I were made to choose. . .

  4. Of course it's ok, you needed therapy and you choose the retail kind :-)

  5. I love the fabrics always good to cheer yourself up xx

  6. So you are going to do clams with the beauties?Sure your quilt will be stunning.Happy sewing.

    Wishing you a great weekend,

  7. Give them to Jackie, and have her give them back to you. Jackie GAVE me these! :)

  8. some lovely fabrics and I say it is Mothering Sunday today so it a gift to yourself. The templates look a good buy too

  9. Fortunately I just need to say "golf club subscription" and miraculously the subject is dropped!
    I love the look of those templates Benta I might have to follow that up :)

  10. Lol, I say, well I could always play golf or tennis too Celtic Thistle!! Say no more! Lol

  11. I like Sandra's suggestion! And the fabrics and templates look great :)


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