Monday 22 August 2011

Brief post

Gosh, today went quickly!  Along with church and various breaks for cups of coffee as assorted daughters and friends appeared and disappeared, I managed to add another owl to the Owl Wall hanging

For those who are concerned (you know who  you are), The pink owl (formally knows as Pink) is a Home counties Arial Diving Longwinged Eagle Yelloweyed owl, (now known as Hadley) These are born beakless.  You may have seen a documentary about them on Country File: there is a charity which helps these poor birds, and it only accepts fabric donations.  I am happy to accept contributions here!

Where was I?  All that creative writing has distracted me.  Ah yes, another Owl appeared in my in box today:  Jess attends the Windsor Library class, and by Saturday afternoon had finished her owl, and attached it to her jeans where it looks very much at home with her other owls:  Thanks to mum Kate for the fab photo :-)

In other news, Swirls has been basted and pretty much quilted:

You can't see much quilting details, so here it is from the back. 
I just want to do some quilting in the black sections, and then start the binding.  I am going to use this tutorial from the lovely Linda at Buzzing and Bumbling, and use the scraps with black around the edges.  A bit fiddly using scraps, but so worth it

However, for now, it's time for bed, night night


  1. I think you need to check out radiation levels or something in Surrey - no beaks and Jess's has 3 eyes!!

  2. Great quilting, I know what thread is going to be on my shopping list in October!

  3. Not Anonymous any more - Think I've got it xxx

  4. Hey, I can see a German dictionary on your bookshelf ;-)) And your owls are just too cute!

  5. Wonderful quilt!! Can you tell me where you bought the Swirls pattern? I have searched and searched and can't find it. Thanks!!


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