Tuesday 16 August 2011

Texture quilt, quilt as you go and good news

The eight centre blocks on the Texture Quilt have now been almost joined -  The sashing on the front is completed

but the long strip on the back needs to be stitched down by hand.

I don't mind hand sewing binding as that means a quilt is nearly finished, but I don't think I'll flaff around with QAYG again anytime time soon.  I only hand sew while I'm downstairs watching TV in the evening, being sociable with whatever family members are around (no family? then I don't bother with TV or hand sewing, straight back upstairs to the sewing room LOL).  Hopefully this will get done tonight, so I can start on the next stage

x x x x x x x x x x

Following on from a great weekend with Jackie, we discussed when we were next going to meet up (that splash of water between England and Ireland is a pain).  Well we're all sorted . . . knitting and stitching show in the beginning of October seemed like a good excuse, and she's just texted me to say she's booked her flight!



  1. QAYG looks like hard work, although I can see why it might be good for huge quilts, something I am avoiding successfully!

    Go the international quilting jet-setters!

  2. Manically catching up here! The quilt is looking great. I like the fact that there are sections that can be ticked off and Mark progress with a QAYG. I still go in The Eyrie whoever's watching TV!! Lol.

    See you in October then :-0


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