Sunday 29 April 2018

2018 Wk 18 - end of a holiday

The EPP Ferris wheel I showed earlier was one of a couple of sewing projects I took on holiday to Lanzarote this last ten days.  The Ferris wheel went as far as it could go with the fabric that I brought, but I had a standby project too

I made this sweet sixteener before I went, and make sure I had the right colour threads to quilt it.  Lots of stitches (and holes in the tip of my middle finger - I forgot a thimble) later it now looks like this

And the back looks like this

I didn't do much shopping - but what joy: I bought a linen dress and it came in a pretty fabric bag make from recycles sari fabric:  Shopping, pretty bag and recycling - a combination that made me very happy

And a rubbish pic of a window in another shop - I just loved the colours!

Thursday 26 April 2018

2018 Wk 17 - time to sew

Oh the joy of hours and hours with nothing to do - except cut, tack, and stitch 🙂

And then with a bit more time I added some more low volume pieces

Happy me

Sunday 15 April 2018

2018 Wk 16 a crafty weekend 

Mum and I had a glass bead lesson on Saturday - melting the glass to make beads and then making jewellery from the beads we made - great fun - and no one got burnt!!

Mum, in action:

 And our creations:

I was sent these awesome pics by Graniger’s grandma - he seems to love his taggie!!!  Isn’t he a  cutie!!!

And I have been doing some sewing - the yummy mini charms that Jackie sent me are on the way to becoming this -

Sunday 8 April 2018

2018 Wk 15 - bunting and EPP

One of our church wardens turned 70 today: others in the congregation arranged a card, gift and cake . . . I arranged bunting

And later at M-i-L’s, I worked on this:  I’m coming near to finishing this I-spy hexies and triangles

Just another 32 triangles and it’s a flimsy!!!

My Farmer’s Wife (handyman’s wife) block 7 is getting closer to being finished

And I treated myself to a new trolley to store my hand sewing in the sitting room - easy to reach everything and to push it out of the way when necessary

Saturday 7 April 2018

2018 Wk 15 - chocolate and creating

Do you know that feeling when you need a hug from your BFF but she’s too far away.  Well the best alternative is an unexpected squishy containing a paper hug AND a zippy pouch, AND fabric AND chocolate!  Love you Jackie xxx

In the afternoon I was teaching at a Chertsey Museum - a little out of my comfort zone!  Mixed media notebook decorating!  We used wooden and card shapes as well as fabric shapes, ribbons, buttons and lace.  They were all stuck down and then painted black with gesso.  Once that was dry it was over painted with a metallic paint (red, purple or turquoise) and finally some elements were highlighted using silver, pewter or gold wax.

Some stage photos: such a dramatic difference between stage 1 and stage 3
And some comparison photos showing how much difference the wax makes

And finally the other creations

A good day eh?

Monday 2 April 2018

2018 Wk 14 - Easter Weekend - 3

Today I have spent a lovely day pressing, cutting, speed dating, sewing, pressing, sewing . . . And made this

It’s called a Fortyniner quilt.  I started with three 7x7 squares, and then cut two of them into triangles.  The binding will be the same turquoise as the diamond. Quilting and trimming are needed before the binding but for once I have actually made exactly what I bought the fabric for!

There was a lot of speeding dating / auditioning - I do sometimes wonder if I overthink these things!,

In an ideal world I would have been in Ireland this weekend  - on "reatreat" at Jackie’s, but the flights over Easter were so expensive so we both sat at home and sewed alone - sharing in-progress photos

She made these two baby quilts

And finished this incredible crochet

Hope you had a good Easter xx