Sunday 8 April 2018

2018 Wk 15 - bunting and EPP

One of our church wardens turned 70 today: others in the congregation arranged a card, gift and cake . . . I arranged bunting

And later at M-i-L’s, I worked on this:  I’m coming near to finishing this I-spy hexies and triangles

Just another 32 triangles and it’s a flimsy!!!

My Farmer’s Wife (handyman’s wife) block 7 is getting closer to being finished

And I treated myself to a new trolley to store my hand sewing in the sitting room - easy to reach everything and to push it out of the way when necessary


  1. I have a similar trolley (from Ikea) - mine is black - I have it behind my chair @ my sewing table - the bottom bin holds fabric collections (small bits and pieces), the middle bin holds my cones of thread (the ones that are opened and in use), and the top one holds my phone charger, my wonder clips, my bobbin boxes and my hand lotion :D It's a great size, and holds a LOT of crafty goodness!

    I Spy is coming along nicely ... how big is that "I'm almost a flimsy!" flimsy? Are there inset seams involved in the construction? The only hexies I've worked with had folded in edges and were appliqued onto zipper bags - there was no stitching them together :D

  2. I have lusted after the turquoise trolley but I don't have space and an immediate need for it. Ikea also has that button rug but it's a white base and the other person who resides here and doesn't take off his shoes would probably make me cry. I can enjoy these two items at other people's houses.
    Your almost-there flimsy is looking so cool.
    What will it become? Just a doily under your plant pot? Or does a flimsy get to hang on the wall?
    I'll be posting at least twice this week on my projects - so look for a super fun inspiration piece that you can lust after (it will be in the 2nd blog post - later this week).

  3. Love the bunting Benta! The I-spy hexies are lovely too, what a fun project to be working on :)


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