Wednesday 27 October 2021

2021 Week 43

I had an Ikea blanket that I turned into a sort of shawl ( bolded in half to make shoulders and cut up the front so I could throw one front panel over my shoulder).  It was a place that I could sew on the badges I make for each trip I go away with girlfriends.  Well, I used it in Swanage and it didn't work.  The throw-over-the-shoulder but kept falling down so the shawl wasn't held in place.

I have attached a load of buttons so the front looks buttoned (it's stitched closed) 

And now it works much better (even though my phone camera is rubbish!)

I have designed and stitched this year's badge - Swanage is on the Jurassic Coast hence the ammonite, and the seagull is for the one that tried to nick our fish and chips on the harbour wall!!!

I finished my shwe shwe bag

And went on a painting class with the very talented Plum !  Very out of our comfort zone but a lovely evening!

I made a few Halloween Gingers

And made a second rope bowl from off cuts from a bridesmaid dress!  Both brides (and their mums) usually come here on Christmas Eve for waffles before the Christingle service.  No Christingle service this year but hopefully they will still come for waffles and can have their gifts - and if I get organised they will be filled with resin mementoes of their wedding flowers

Last year I started the Ginger journey by making a bin man and then a few NHS staff and a Tescos delivery Ginger and a postie Ginger . . .  they expanded to about 50.  These were auctioned off and the the neighbouring parish council asked for a full set - they have now been mounted and are on the wall in the new community building!

My lovely boss-come-friend, Dalwyn's passing left a big hole in many people's lives, including that of his partner's niece.  I was asked if I could turn his Christmas jumper into a big cushion for her . . . I hope she likes it!

Monday 18 October 2021

2021 Week 42

We actually managed to get away for a family holiday!  6 of us went to Center Parcs.  We did loads of activities (tennis, badminton, squash, kayaking, walking, cycling) and a load of eating, but the only photo I have is 4 of us in the hot tub LOL

We then came home to a weekend of cuddles with the grandkitty - hello Penny!

With all the activities I didn't get much hand sewing or crocheting done but I did manage to tack and press a whole load of 8" clams.  I was at Knitting and Stitching show ten days or so ago and had some sludge green fabrics that I wanted to add to so they'd be usable.  A friend I was with said she really liked the fabrics so I not only found some dark blue to break up the sludge - but I've also found a home for the quilt when it's finished!

She also likes random, so I think I can manage that!

I've done 40 so far and my rough reckoning suggests I need another 54 then I can start the speed dating and the assembling - her birthday is end of December so I might have a chance!

And confession time - my haul from K&S show: I was fairly restrained and actually have plans for everything!

Wednesday 13 October 2021

2021 Week 41 Semi Circular Pouch

 I think I've cracked it!

Use a suitably sized plate to mark a circle and cut out of fabric, (fussy cut if desired or appropriate)

Cut circle in half and add a piece between the two halves to add about 50% to the size.  Cut fusible wadding and lining to the same size, assemble together as a sandwich and quilt as preferred

Use a zip at least as long at half the perimeter: trim the ends off in a deep V shape, sperate the two sets of teeth, and pin one set RST to cover half the extension and the curve.,  Repeat with other teeth and other half of pouch.  Stitch 

Stitch bias binding over the raw edges.  I used 1/2" (that finishes at 1/4" when folded) and zigzagged it over the raw edges and the zip tape

Turn the zip tape and bias binding into the bag, pin and topstitch.

Add the zipper pull so it can be used and is even (see this page for more detailed instructions), and zip 90% closed.

Cut 1.5 inch square from the corners of the bag (making sure the pull is on the remaining bit of the zip

Clip or pin the zipper ends so the pull cant escape, and then turn inside out

Wide mouth frog bit (a favourite book when the girls were little)

Gently push the folded bit and the zipped bit together

until they meet in a straight line

Now sew along this line to close the bag, and also (if required) cover with bias binding

Turn the pouch the right way out and admire!!!

Sunday 10 October 2021

2021 Week 40 - changing (or adding) a zip pull

I like to chop and change my zips - sometimes I will have contrasting sides to the zip, and sometime I will add a different coloured zip pull, or maybe add more than one.

Here is how: (you need a zip a bit longer that you need for the project as we need to cut some off)

EDIT - the full instructions are for a curved zip - if you want to use the zip on a straight pouch or for a pocket just use the relevant instructions shown in bold

Cut the sealed end into a deep V.  It will help if the two sides don't quite match

Slide the zip pull onto the longer side and pull it down to where the teeth / tracks on the shorter side start.  The teeth / track needs to go into the wider tunnel

without nudging the first side, slip the teeth on the shorter side into the other tunnel

Grab both pointed ends of the zipper tape firmly in one hand

And pull the zip pull onto the tracks.

Test by zipping up the item you are making

If it doesn't sit right you might have started the second lot of teeth too high or too low - sorry, you need to take off the zip and try again (and again and again) until it is right

If you want to have two pulls on the tracks you need to know that tracks going into the wider tunnel will lock together and tracks going into the narrower tunnel will unlock, irrespective of what state the tracks are already in.

On this project the pulls could all be added from the same end: pulled left the zips close their sections, and pulled right they open it.

But sometimes you want to be able to use a pouch differently - so you need to add a pull from each end

In other words this one went wrong: as I pull down the zip pull (so the tracks enter the wider tunnel) the tracks will open even though they are already open (I added both pulls at the same end - Doh)

Flipping annoying, but that's why I've written these instructions so I *might* be able to do it correctly next time!!!!

Monday 4 October 2021

2021 Week 39

 These are some of the photos from the making last weekend with Jackie: boxy pouches and semi circular ones

and a vinyl one for crochet and knitting markers

A frined / ginger fan recently ran the Windsor Marathon so I made her a ginger to commemorate it!

I was back at Chertsey Museum on Friday for the second class since lockdowns began.  We had some great show and tell from last month

And they all did really well making these pouches from an Aneela Hoey book 

I finished the straps on my bag from Jackie

And I found the remaining September Hexies - some had been attached to the flimsy I'm making with them

I've made some Gingers too: breast cancer week ios coming up soon, alkong with a children's mental health campaign

One customer ordered a ballerina and a book reader

and another order a set of the 2020 Christmas Gingers

meanwhile I am working on 2021 Christmas Gingers