Wednesday 13 October 2021

2021 Week 41 Semi Circular Pouch

 I think I've cracked it!

Use a suitably sized plate to mark a circle and cut out of fabric, (fussy cut if desired or appropriate)

Cut circle in half and add a piece between the two halves to add about 50% to the size.  Cut fusible wadding and lining to the same size, assemble together as a sandwich and quilt as preferred

Use a zip at least as long at half the perimeter: trim the ends off in a deep V shape, sperate the two sets of teeth, and pin one set RST to cover half the extension and the curve.,  Repeat with other teeth and other half of pouch.  Stitch 

Stitch bias binding over the raw edges.  I used 1/2" (that finishes at 1/4" when folded) and zigzagged it over the raw edges and the zip tape

Turn the zip tape and bias binding into the bag, pin and topstitch.

Add the zipper pull so it can be used and is even (see this page for more detailed instructions), and zip 90% closed.

Cut 1.5 inch square from the corners of the bag (making sure the pull is on the remaining bit of the zip

Clip or pin the zipper ends so the pull cant escape, and then turn inside out

Wide mouth frog bit (a favourite book when the girls were little)

Gently push the folded bit and the zipped bit together

until they meet in a straight line

Now sew along this line to close the bag, and also (if required) cover with bias binding

Turn the pouch the right way out and admire!!!


  1. Nice! Such clear instructions and a good way of working too! xx

  2. Great pouch! Got to love one that sits properly.


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