Sunday 28 March 2021

2021 Week 12

So what have i been up to?  Work (of course!) but apart from that . . . I stitched these five Easter panels from Kiwi Designs: rather than making them into a panel I made them separate - they could maybe be used as mugrugs? 

Briana nd Niki have been creative - the old (original 1960s) flat porch roof has gone and been replaced by this one - and because he's just as much a hoarder as I am, he could find the tiles that came off the roof in 1995 or so to make room for velux windows and use them on the new porch roof!!!

A friend became a granddad, so a good excuse to finish an I-spy quilt!

The pre-school children came into church to hear the Easter story and hunt for felt Easter eggs - it was lovely to see this lad in the fleece that I embroidered for the uniform holding and egg that I'd embroidered for their trip to the church

My Crochet blanket is growing: but as the weather improves I'm doing less - it might have to be put away unfinished until next autumn.

I took a sneaky trip top Cliveden House - just walking the grounds but it was a beautiful days and I may have bumped into two friends who were coincidentally there too

I was asked to make a Ginger commemorating ANZAC day (end of April).  This photo

became these Gingers

via  a game of thread chicken!!!!!  (I won, phew!)

Scratchy cat seems to think this blanket might be hers!!!!

Friday 12 March 2021

2021 Week 10

 Hello from week ten - time is whizzing by but also passing slowly 

Should I blame age, menopause, COVID or just the ground hog-ness of life at the moment?

Anyway, a scan through my photos show that I have been doing some making so that's a good thing!

I'm making a felt banner for a friend's Grandson ... It would have helped if I'd made the R in the same colour felt as the other letters!  Some creatures are embroidered on, others are made separately and granny and I will work out where best to put them (as soon as we are allowed to meet, and I've remade the R!)

St David's was welcomed, of course, by a Ginger, as will Mothering Sunday this weekend


There are plans afoot for St Patrick's Day and beyond!!!

My crochet is growing, as is my neatness - the early edges are all over the place but the last half has been fairly straight.  I think there was a pattern to start with but I'm just randomly adding a different colour and starting different stitches!!!

I've got Lisa some crochet bits for her birthday (I don't think she visits the blog!) and Jackie suggested I make her a hook folder - I thought I'd invent one that goes in with the books on a book shelf

With a zipped vinyl pocket and sections for lots of hooks and stuff.  Just need to finish it in the next few weeks

I have had a few requests for Gingers: holding a much loved teddy bear

Representing a local coffee morning (that has been Covid closed for a year :-(

And a washer-upper at the coffee morning

I was also contacted by a mum who was given this by her (late) grandmother when she was little, and now her daughter loves to play with the shapes and sort them out . . . however the T went missing a long time ago, could I possibly help?.

I was going to just make a small tree but when I saw the details on the other letters I saw I had to up my game a bit

So this one has apples in the leaves, a fairy door and fairy bunting around the tree.  Mum is very happy, lets hope little miss loves it too