Friday 12 March 2021

2021 Week 10

 Hello from week ten - time is whizzing by but also passing slowly 

Should I blame age, menopause, COVID or just the ground hog-ness of life at the moment?

Anyway, a scan through my photos show that I have been doing some making so that's a good thing!

I'm making a felt banner for a friend's Grandson ... It would have helped if I'd made the R in the same colour felt as the other letters!  Some creatures are embroidered on, others are made separately and granny and I will work out where best to put them (as soon as we are allowed to meet, and I've remade the R!)

St David's was welcomed, of course, by a Ginger, as will Mothering Sunday this weekend


There are plans afoot for St Patrick's Day and beyond!!!

My crochet is growing, as is my neatness - the early edges are all over the place but the last half has been fairly straight.  I think there was a pattern to start with but I'm just randomly adding a different colour and starting different stitches!!!

I've got Lisa some crochet bits for her birthday (I don't think she visits the blog!) and Jackie suggested I make her a hook folder - I thought I'd invent one that goes in with the books on a book shelf

With a zipped vinyl pocket and sections for lots of hooks and stuff.  Just need to finish it in the next few weeks

I have had a few requests for Gingers: holding a much loved teddy bear

Representing a local coffee morning (that has been Covid closed for a year :-(

And a washer-upper at the coffee morning

I was also contacted by a mum who was given this by her (late) grandmother when she was little, and now her daughter loves to play with the shapes and sort them out . . . however the T went missing a long time ago, could I possibly help?.

I was going to just make a small tree but when I saw the details on the other letters I saw I had to up my game a bit

So this one has apples in the leaves, a fairy door and fairy bunting around the tree.  Mum is very happy, lets hope little miss loves it too


  1. What tremendous creativity! Lots of projects going on! Love them all. xx

  2. As usual you put me to shame with your productivity. Lovely work especially the gingers xx


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