Sunday 26 June 2016

The One where I make a Vinyl Windowed Zippy Pouch with no raw edges

I've made lots of vinyl windowed zippy pouches, but get slightly annoyed that they either have raw edges or need to have binding added to hide the raw edges.

One night I woke at about 3am with a 'cunning plan' and I'm delighted to report that it actual works!

Instructions and photos follow, but I have assumed that you can already make a zippy pouch with a vinyl window.

Cut 4 rectangles the right size for the required pouch, and cut two scrap (but contrasting) smaller rectangles bigger than the required window to make the 'frame'.

Stitch the 'frame' scrap to the front of an outer piece and cut out the centre (Dont make the window too big, and I think next time I would make the outer window slightly smaller than the inner one)
snip into the curves

Turn the 'frame' through to the back and press (on both)

Stitch an outside (framed) piece and an inside (solid) piece to one side of a zip (RST,)  And repeat with the other two pieces (I used yellow for my solid lining piece so (hopefully) you can see what's happening

Outside pieces on the front of the zip and inside pieces on the back of the zip

Move your zip pull so it's about 1/4 closed, 3/4 open.  MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS NOW (we shan't discuss why I think this is so important)

Cut off the excess bits of zip

Now ... get your vinyl and place it between the two window sections (with the wrong sides together) and top stitch through all three units

Now comes a bit of flaffing about: pin the two outer pieces together RST, and pin the two inner pieces RST with a 4" gap at the bottom.

Stitch around the pinned areas, making sure you are only sewing through 2 layers and the other layers are out of the way

If you struggle to get access at the zip ends it might be worth stopping and flipping the unit over to see if that's easier

Turn through the opening in the lining, and stitch the lining closed

Ta Daaaaa!!!!!!

Fully lined windowed zippy pouch

Saturday 25 June 2016

The One About Crafty Church (June)

As always we had a lovely afternoon at Crafty Church this afternoon

I got a partially finished EPP hexie top basted

I held a bit of a jumble sale as there has been so much donation stuff recently, and I'm running out of storage space . . . lots has found a new home

And I was given this fab panel by Tara!

Tara brought this for show and tell -its tiny, and really beautiful

And she's knitting with wire . . .

Having finished crocheting with wire!

 Lesley has finished this Noah's Ark which started in a donation box

Janet has finished this gorgeous boy

and is working on a girlfriend:

Thursday 23 June 2016

The One About An Artist In Residence

While we were in Norway, on the island of Halsnøy, we visited a museum very close to the cottage.  I love that an island with a population of less than 3000 has a museum (and a fire station and two schools!)

Every year they have an Artist in Residence, and this year was Lois Walpole and she has been weaving with scrap ropes. Not only was there some fab exhibits, but I'm teaching very similar bowls on Wednesday next week so it as great to see hers, and to buy a copy of her book.  I'm really sorry I wasn't able to meet her

Sorry lots of photos to follow!

The bowls

She also made two huge wall hangings - this one in the 'dining room'



And this one in the 'sitting room'


And the book

Wednesday 22 June 2016

The Lighthouse has Landed

The on-going saga of the Lighthouse quilt has now ended - it has been delivered to its owner who was very happy with it!

The aunts were delighted with their washing line bowls (although there is clearly a translation problem!)

And our host loved his shirt quilts


We had a fab long weekend in Norway and even less crafting than usual has occurred!

(I did hand sew bunting on the plane for the party - thank you Amo!!!)

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Gorgeous Goodies

I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous today's package was. However I can show you
This stunning wall hanging arrived from Amo

Let's look at it in a bit more detail

And a little *more* detail - she's so talented!

However the package didn't hold just one Amo original, and not even just two, but THREE!
This fab note book

And this intricate card

Thank you so much Amo xxxxx