Wednesday 1 June 2016

I Is (still) In Ireland!

Anther fabric filled day today! [edit ... Meant to post on Tuesday but wifi cut out!]

As well as Jackie's drug run (I'm learning a whole new language relating to this cancer cr@p!) we managed to finsh the pop up, make a lined vinyl pouch with no raw or bound edges, make some pyramid pouches 

and make a bunch of citrus pouches (the quantity may or may not have been to me over zealously cutting far more pieces than necessary, but we'll gloss over that)

Hope you had a good Tuesday xxx


  1. Do hope Jackie is not having side effects with treatment and that she is getting better. You certainly have been busy with your makes and have plenty of pouches

  2. Can't wait for the next I is in Ireland session xx

  3. Best wishes to Jackie. Cool that she is up to crafting, etc. XX

  4. Best wishes to Jackie - it looks like you've been doing some fun sewing! Cool that the vinyl pouch has no raw edges or binding - I bought a big hunk o' vinyl to use for bags but haven't found a quick, simple way to achieve that effect. I've been making pyramid pouches too - I've finished a dozen in the last few days - I found a tutorial that shows how to make them, like your vinyl pouch, without raw edges or bound seams - I've been making a bunch of them to get the technique firmly embedded in my mind, lol!

  5. I hope Jackie is doing well. You've made a wonderful collection of pouches between you :)


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