Sunday 12 June 2016

Fortnight round up

Life seems to have (again) got in the way of making and blogging, but her is a bit of a round up of the last couple of weeks . . .

We held a crafty church special and had a bunting production line - and made 35 yards/metres red white and blue bunting

That afternoon we had Kids Crafty Church - these two awesome girls learnt how to use a hand crank singer and made another 8 yards/metres of bunting

I made some more at home, and this is the finished 80 yards/metres around the village green for the queen's birthday
(Actually it's red white blue AND green - all the fabric was recycled from shirts, dresses and donated fabrics!)
I spent some money and have organised my threads

And I bodged some replacement candle holders for my garden candelabra

I've stitched, pressed and cut more blocks for my planned zig zag quilt

And practiced some screen printing for a class

Phew! Not too shabby as I'm working 40 hour weeks!!!!!


  1. you have been busy and lovely to see the bunting for the Queen, have so enjoyed watching all Her birthday celebrations this weekend

  2. Gosh you have been busy Benta! Your bunting looks fabulous, what a great effort everyone made.

  3. I need a lie down already but that made my need even more urgent!! Don't know how you do it all.

  4. Beautiful bunting efforts! Loving the button printing on fabric.


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