I started making these as a way to cope with COVID19 lockdown: I hung a new one in the front window each day to thank Key Workers and Local Heroes.  Families out for daily walks started to look forward to seeing the new one each day, and people would suggest new ones for me to do.

The original idea came from a friend Sue who trades as Memories in Thread.  Some of the “costume” designs are completely hers, many are adapted versions of hers and some are just mine added to her gingers.  The original Wraysbury Gingers were sold locally on FB to raise money for the Wraysbury and Horton Voluntary Care charity who have supported a great many people during the COVID situation.

They raised £1506!!!!
I wanted a page where all the Gingers could be viewed, and, as people have asked for specific ones that they want to buy for themselves, also where orders could be made.  The auctioned Gingers can be used for inspiration.

They are generally £5* each as seen here, but if you want a name or a year added or other changes to the design they will be £1 or £2 more, and new designs will be between £8 and £12* (* depending on complexity and how quickly you need it.)

Please message me at to discuss any requirements

New Gingers 

Ambulances: Basic and more detailed


Family members

Happy Diwali

Happy Christmas

Christmas Tomte / Julenissen

Window Gingers for Halloween and Remembrance Day

Gingers can hold pretty much anything!!!

This Spider's eyes were stitched with glow-in-the dark thread - great fun!!!

Santa sneaking in with the Halloween Ginegrs!

New mum



Ginger Bee Keeper

Pupils and Staff at Pumpkins Pre-School

Handwriting copied onto a Ginger's noticeboard

Birthday Gingers (any message)

Graduation Ginger (can be personalised to show appropriate Graduation Gown colours)

I have also done some houses! (these take a lot of work)

And some distinctive village residents

June 2020
Big Ginger Fundraiser Auction
(see FB) Gingers

Wraysbury Matters Group

Funeral Director


Furloughed Worker (!)

Waste Collection team


Ambulance Drivers and Crew


(Tescos) Food Delivery Drivers


Fire Fighters


Lorry Drivers

Bus Drivers 

Farmer and Farm Staff


Prison Staff


Security Guard

Vicars, Priests and Vergers

SCI Teams and Local Chemist Staff

Forces Staff

Cleaners at hospitals, schools, shops etc

Lorry Drivers

My local Postie

Amazon & other Delivery Drivers

Children (banging pots of Thursday nights)

Zoo Staff

This was to remember one of our Flood Wardens after his very sad death during lockdown

NHS Blood & Transplant Staff

Our Local Community Radio Station

The Volunteers at the Wraysbury & Horton Voluntary Care Charity

Cares who work in care homes and people's own homes

A Local (Ginge) who help a virtual concert to raise funds for WHVC

A local Mum (Natalie) who arranged a Safari Tour and a World Tour for the village children to visit on their daily walks

Vets Staff

Engineers and Mechanics

Delivery Drivers

People making Scrubs and scrub bags and masks

Bakers and Chefs
The Staff at the local Primary school who worked throughout Lockdown including school holidays


Plumbers and Maintenance staff

Builders and Construction Staff

Town Crier (Henry)

Child holding a heart

Air Ambulance

Frazzled Mum (Lora)


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