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Quilts under Construction
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La Pass
Selvedge Denim

Finished Quilts
January 2021

December 2020

November 2020 

Hexie swap quilt

October 2020

EPP Plus Quilt

Insipid Trip Around The World quilt

Halloween Quilt

September 2020

Quilt for Bishop

Red and Writing Quilt

August 2020

Mickey Mouse Quilt

Quilt for Katelyn's Kyron

Quilt for Oliver

Quilt for Millie

July 2020

Quilt for Theia in Norway

Australian Hexie Stars EPP

May 2020

Two more I-Spy quilts for Dad and Eileen's Great Grand Children

April 2020

Hexie Rainbow

I-Spy for Aoife

Verity's I Spy

India's Jelly Roll Race

Kaffe's Squares

March 2020
BFL Memories for Grandma Susan

February 2020
Peppa Pig (Benta & Jackie)

January 2020
BFL Memories

December 2019
I spy for Jett

October 2019
Sharon's Hug

August 2019

July 19
Boyfriend's Quilt for Pushpa

October 2018

My Small World (Jackie and Benta)

Forty Niner / Turquoise Watersplash

Warm Triangles

Spots and Stripes

Rainbow Hexies

Jane's quilt

August 2018
Reverse Applique Quilt (Jillian Travis)

July 2018
Ferris Wheel

Seattle Sixteen

Amelia Rose

June 2018
I Spy Quilt

I Spy Quilt

William's Quilt

May 2018
 Chemo Quilt

May 2018

February 2018
Jane's I Spy Quilt

January 2018
Black and White a bits of Bright Quilt

December 2017
Saga's I spy

Project pouch

Luna's Quilt

Thor's Quilt

Alice's Selvedge edge quilt

May 2017
Rainy Day Rainbow

Liam's I Spy 

Wendy Dolan Landscape

February 2017
2 paper boxes for Brian

January 2017
 Small Jelly Roll Race (Alexander) Quilt

Lisa's Whites Quilt

September 2016
EPP Pouch

Fractured & HST Quilt

Denise's babies HST Quilt

July 2016
 Lydia's HST Quilt

June 2016
Lighthouse Quilt

Monkey Magic

March 2016
Kim's Lil twister

September 2015

Five a Day Bonus Quilt

August 2015

Jilly's garden gate Quilt

Five a Day

Red and Cream tessellated Stars

June and July 2015

Red and Black strip Quilt

Dotty Tumblers

May 2015

Wheelchair bag

Felted Fairy

Magna Catra Wall Hanging

R and K Consequences Quilt 

 Lisa's Christmas Scrappy Trip 

Bonus Christmas Quilt

Red and IKEA white (Niki's 21st)

April 2015

Harry's I-Spy

 Blue Plus Quilt

Bailey's I-spy
Everyday Tote Bag  
Huge Lone Star Quilt

March 2015
Sophia's I-spy

Wonky Stars

Gathered Basket


Cars #3
February 2015
Car Quilts #1 and #2

Rainbow floating Charms


Tumbler Batiks

January 2015
December 2014
Red Linen (hand quilted)

Advant calendar (badges)

November 2014 
  Felted Flower
October 2014
 September 2014
lingerie bags
August 2014
Reversible Christmas stocking
Mug Caddy
Baby Bunting
Sewing Stuff Bag
Rainbow Notebooks
July 2014 
School Project

June 2014
Essential Irish Chain

Yellow hexi flowers quilt
Denim covered notebook 

May 2014
Tessellating Stars

Aiden's I-spy

April  2014
M's Chemo quilt


Tara's PinWheels and baby quilts


L's Cushion

Sabrina's Bag


Zippy Pouch

Tissue pouch & sewing/jewellery pouch

VW Camper Van

Bestefar's Postcard Tea Towel
March 2014

Baby Mark's stuff

February 2014

January 2014

Lisa & Brendon's Road Trip




Mega pinnie 

December 2013
It's a hoot

Christmas quilt

C'mas scarves


Christmas bowl 

November 2013
I bag

Hannah i spy

Alicia ispy



 Molly's I Spy

Oakfield's wall hanging

October 2013
Turquoise Bag

Dala/liberty bag

Northern Lights
Oh My Cod

Infinity scarves
Chertsey logo x 8
September 2013
I spy with stripy binding
Bette's pillow
Chertsey logo

Horrid hexies

 Heather's I-Spy

August 2013

Daffodil block
Pink Hexi flows

muted american flowers
July 2013
 Sue Liz's cat bags

June 2013
Chemo Quilt for Dylan

Shopping Trolly Bag

Doreen's Star Quilt

May 2013
 Stars of Silver Screen bags

Sewing caddy

I-Spy quilts for new mums at school

 Blue Chunky Chevron
  Pink Chunky Chevron

April 2013
 Reversible bags
Mug Rug EPP sample for Chertsey Museum
March 2013
Home themed block (Star of Africa)

Club Logo embroidered for Valerie
Shoe Block (Star Of Africa Bee)

Fabric Basket for Jackie

February 2013
Hexi Table Runner for Trygve & Hilde

January 2013

Stained Down Under from all my Australian fabrics

A weighted tactile scarf for a ASD child at school

December 2012 

50 years of scouting in Wraysbury badge

November 2012
Dalwyn's Blanket

In The Hoop Gifts

 I-Spy for Jane (Chloe) 

Warm Stars quilt for Philippa

Christmas sacks for Richard, Chloe,
Liam and Harry

 Batik Square Dance

I-Spy for Dina's baby 

October 2012

African Bee Blocks - Animals for Jen
September 2012

Auction I-Spy For MacMillan Coffee Morning

50th Birthday Blanket for Liz

Taggie for Lucia

Bags for Louise's Freddie and Emmaline
Slough Bag (Vest style)

JULY 2012

Cousin's Quilt for Kire's 50th

Gracie's Leaving Quilt

Patti's Block for the Out Of Africa Bee

Windsor A to Z Project
(School Community Project, see FunWithFabric blog for more info)

JUNE 2012

Amelie's I spy Quilt

Ben's I spy quilt

A Charity Quilt for the Siblings Together Charity

And another one
And a Big Black and White and Green for Laura's 18th

MAY 2012

Sampler Patchwork for Jessica from the Fun With Fabric Ladies

 Height chart for Jessica

Scissor Tags

 Warm and Cool Colours Log Cabin

Australian Charm Squares I-Spy quilt (hand pieced)

Red Cricket Stumps

APRIL 2012

Jelly Roll Racing Green

Scrappy Trip Chevron Quilt

MARCH 2012

Scrappy Trip Diamond Quilt
 Olivia's I Spy


Luke's Orphan Block Vanishing 9 Patch

Rosie's Whirly Gigs

Grey Knitted Blanket

Ben's Baby Shower Quilt


Rainbow 9 patch

Harry's Orphan V9P in creams, and a named blanket

Pure Blue London Brick #2

Orphan vanishing 9 patch in creams

PinWheels for Pink Day Raffle (Breast Cancer)

Pink Penguin bag for Secret Santa

 Road Map Mat for Marley

Pink Penguin Bag for S-i-L, Lise


For Adelaide

Niki's Quilt for Maisy

Christmas stockings

For Heather's 21st

Opening Plaque for the Bling Inn


Swirls - 36x4" blocks foundation pieced by hand

 Flower (to the) Power (of) Nine

Pure Blue Taggie

Pure Blue London Brick Quilt


Hilary's Texture Quilt

Brown and Bright D9P


Bags for Carol and I

JULY 2011 
 Whirly Gig (Square Dance) flimsy

Stained Glass Owls Flimsy

JUNE 2011 

Pink Pinwheels

MAY 2011 
Terri's Wine quilt 

FQ bag instructions for Stash manicure
Arnold's Vanishing 9 patch
 Cats and Dogs quilt on fleece

APRIL 2011
Rural Jardin rail fence
Warm and Cool log cabin flimsy
 Girls Best Friend Pinwheels quilted
Bargello for Vinnie-James

 MARCH 2011
Holly fleece for Debbie
Debbie's polo shirts x 30
Block Lotto blocks D4P
Fleeces logo-ed for Suzanne 
 Moda Pink and Green pinwheels for Kelli

Black and Bright forest (Flimsy)

Poppies Children's Centre Plaque
 Matthew's birthday flag
BQL Skinny Landscape quilt
Jess S's T shirt quilt
Stay At Home Robin #7
India's towel and sheets
Block Lotto stacks
Landscape Skinny
BQL skinny Quilt : A3 size 12x18 (45x30)
2010 12 03 Sue's i bag
2010 12 05 4 x blankets embroidered for Debbie
2010 12 10 Jackie's pressie
2010 12 17 Charlie H's I spy
2010 12 10 Trygve and Hilde's table runner
2010 12 10 Trygve and Hilde's Christmas stars
2010 12 19 Stay at home Robins #6
2010 12 18 Lucy's two sacks
2010 12 22 Avril, Plum and Lesley's pressies
2010 12 18 Block Lotto trees
2010 12 28 house block blocks
2010 12 22 Henry's and Oliver's Christmas sacks
2010 12 22 Santa's Forest
2010 11 05 Post Black/white postcard swap 

2010 11 05 Sophie's car seat cover
2010 11 08 Window postcards
2010 11 08 "Home" postcard swap
2010 11 11 Stay At Home robin blocks  #5
2010 11 15 Memories In Thread Challenge to Sue 
2010 11 Christmas decorations for swap
2010 11 Quilt for Ryan
2010 11 30 BQL Secret Santa
2010 10 05 Post Pink Postcards
2010 10 07 Stay At Home robin blocks #4
2010 10 25 33 Polo Shirts for Pumpkins
2010 09 06 Quilt for Henry Swan
2010 09 11 Lisa's Uni Quilt 
2010 09 13 4 tshirts for Hug Radio
2010 09 18 26 polo shirts for Debbie
2010 09 28 I spy Quilt for Myles
2010 09 26 LSA bags including Chris
2010 08 09 Patrick's pale blue baby quilt
2010 08 13  Sky's I Spy Quilt 
2010 08 13 Be Puppy Farm Aware sample
2010 08 14 Verity's Slough PE kit
2010 08 15 St Bernards PE kits x 2
2010 08 24 6 pink postcards for BQLP
2010 08 24 3 polo shirts for Gary
2010 08 27 six PE kits for St Bernards 
2010 08 30 P E Kits for St Bernards
JULY 2010
2010 07 03 Hug Radio Sample
2010 07 02 Alice's Guide blanket
2010 07 04 Charlie's I Spy Quilt
2010 07 20 Marilyn's Quilt 
2010 07 26 Debbie's 9 patch baby quilt
2010 07 28 Sally's Pink Brick Road Quilt
JUNE 2010
2010 06 27 Debbie's polo shirts and fleeces 
2010 06 27 Tyler's football blanket
2010 06 29 Take up 4 pairs trousers