Sunday, 17 March 2019

2019 Wk 10 & 11 - a bit of a catch up

Just a quick whiz through some photos from the last two weeks, then we'll see what I've been up to!

I've been stitching patches for people who join the Windsor Homeless project sleep out in a few weeks time - and stitched the design straight onto a sweatshirt for myself and other colleagues who are doing the Sleep Out (if you are able to sponsor us the link is
Many thanks to those who already have!

The pile of EPP plus blocks is growing (another 27 to go!)

And the girls at Crafty Church wanted to make reversible tote bags  . . . so they did - not bad for 10 and 8 year olds!!!

 And I made myself a linen dress!  I love the colour - just need some warm weather to wear it now

Pocket and hem trim in this beautiful print.

Richmond and Kew saw a couple of charity quilts being made.  These blocks were made with some fabric from a FQ bundle and other fabrics added - everyone made a block - some great variations!

 And these are string blocks made using flip and stitch onto a square from an A4 sheet (so paper foundation).  Lovely cheerful blocks

And finally my friend Linda finished a quilt made from blocks we cut from her late Dad's shirts - it's brilliant, well done Linda!

Sunday, 3 March 2019

2019 Wk 9 - Flowers, flowers and more flowers

The village is looking really pretty - volunteers were out a few weeks ago picking up litter and the daffodils are out (as was the sunshine on the day I took the photo!)

I spent the service in church today making felt flowers ready for Mothering Sunday (I did listen to the sermon too!!!)

And the lovely Chertsey Museum ladies mostly used flowers as a theme for an applique wall hanging

I've been getting ready for a long flight coming up soon - I need hand sewing for the flight so I have prepared LOTS of hexi flowers.  

I wanted a small pouch to hold them, and the finished flowers, and the sewing kit and thread, so I used a leg from a donated pair of jeans, and an arm from a donated shirt and I used the hexi needle case as a template to make a drawstring bag

I didn't use any interfacing, but the denim was sturdy enough to stand up and the shirt was soft enough to flop down, and the whole lot is squishy enough to fit in any bag I take for hand luggage.  Even the ribbon arrived wrapped around some fabric so it's completely recycled.  The base is hexagonal but it looks more circular.  

I reckon by the time I've made and added all the prepared flowers this will be a completed flimsy

 And not flower related . . . after the stress of making Dalwyn's last stole he came up with a much improved plan!  He *bought* a stole (for £10!) and I embroidered on it - he didn't even need me to take it apart as he reckoned the back was neat enough even if it did show - so that's all done!

Thursday, 28 February 2019

2019 Wk 8 - a post about post

Some bloggers I know in real life and others will always be virtual friends, but Amo, who blogs at View from our Hill belongs in the first group just as soon as we manage to meet up.  She is beyond talented and is skilled in a huge range of crafts, but is incredibly generous too!!!!!

A totally unexpected box arrived from her today in the post . . . and oh boy was it full of goodies!

Topped with an Amo Original (I have a number of these in the sewing room, all different techniques!)

there were patterns and haberdashery bits

 fabric shapes and charms, and bling

Three sizzix dies

foam paint brushes

and lots of off cuts of fabrics

Amo - you are awesome!  thank you so much xxxx

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

2019 Wk 9 - Embroidered Gifts

It's been a funny week!  A lovely mum, Nina, from the school where I used to work won a Bafta and and Oscar, and another friend's granddaughter only lived for 2 hours.  I felt the need to do something for both, so I spent a little time with Lizzie's design software and between us we created these.  The baby was named Hope (they were aware there was a major health problem), and I have added 'Never forgotten' under her name in white

Having got this far I'm not sure what to do next!  Maybe a drawstring bag for Hope's parents they could keep any mementos in it?  Or should it be a cushion they can throw against a wall when they just want to shout "it's not fair"?  And for Nina, should that be a bag or a cushion?  I plan to finish them at the weekend so any suggestions much appreciated!

Sunday, 24 February 2019

2019 Wk 8 - what a lot of sewing!

I tend to look at the last week's photos to see what I need to post on the blog - and this week there were a lot of photos - so hold on tight while we whistle through last week  . .

Clam shells were quilted while we watched series 8 of Game of Thrones (I did not expect a blue eyes dragon!.. And how often does a girl need to say "I can't get pregnant" before you realise that somewhere in the next two series she *will* get pregnant?)

(The pieces of fabric set behind the outer clams has worked well)

We had LOADS is visitors to Crafty Church last week - I think there were 22 of us!  Most came to learn crochet so Daisy and Carolyn were holding master classes!!!

 Lusy (who only learned last month) brought her two projects to show and tell!  I think she has the hang of it!!!

The few non-crocheters were using the sizzix to cut EPP hexies, and felt flowers ready for Mother's Day

I finished the binding on the M-i-L hexies and triangles quilt

And I designed two crosses for Dalwyn - they've gone in the post for him to choose which one he wants on his next stole

Two taggies got made for a colleague and an ex colleague with little boys

And I have crossed two Pay-it-forward gifts off my list.  The infinity scarf with a secret pocket was delivered in time for a skiing holiday, and this zippy pouch was delivered on Thursday

This  Saturday was Stitch: a lovely treat for me, both daughters came!  As did a whole load of others - very productive morning

And today I just wanted to play.  But sadly now I'm completely out of washing line!

Hope you had a good week