Monday 23 December 2019

2019 Wk 52 - Merry Christmas and happy New Year

I thought 'd finished work!

I added some more hexies to my Hexie Rounds

I made myself a rope bowl

I made some German Christmas stars

One of the Stitch ladies brought some thick aluminium foil from Germany.  Cut eight circles, and snip in 3/4 to the middle 8 times

Twist the outer arcs around a pencil to make a point (well, 8 points)

Like this, then snip two small squares from an elastic band.  Thread a needle, and sew through elastic square, 8 pointy circles and then a final square of rubber, and pull tight!

 I embroidered some initials onto linen napkins for a customer

 I machined the binding onto the Kaffe Fassett quilt

I embroidered a name onto an already made brick I-spy quilt for a friend who has just become a grandma

and then I discovered these two have wondered off somewhere - and I was planning on gifting them tomorrow!!!

And wouldn't you believe I have no white felt left!


  1. Did you find the little guys?

  2. The German stars are quite lovely! Nice to see how you made them.
    Great work on all your projects.
    I hope you found the gingerbread men. My projects have a tendency to disappear too!
    Barbara xx

  3. I love the foil star. I hope the missing gingerbread men have been located!


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