Monday 31 March 2014

Hoping for Help

A niece has asked me to make her a quilt; she has sent me some lovely fabrics, and she's been pinning quilts that she's seen, and loved, on Pinterest

These are mostly Pinwheel quilts, but I wonder what your thoughts are regarding the fabrics she's sent?

I'll get some off-white fabric to go with the patterned fabric to make the pinwheel blocks (the off white she sent is minkie, I might use it for a border) but my thoughts are:
  • Are fairly geometric designs, (ie the yellow and diamonds and the Moroccan style aqua) suitable for pinwheels?
  • Will the large scale pattern fabric (left) risk looking like unrelated fabrics when chopped into smaller pieces for a pinwheel?
What do you think of using the large scale print fabric as a plain block? Either randomly or in a pattern with the pinwheels?  Tara pinned this one

And I found this image when I did a Google search on "pinwheel blocks with large scale prints", and I wonder if it would work?  This second one would showcase the flowery fabric in bigger chunks - better? Or not?

I'm hoping some of you will have alternative suggestions??

Sunday 30 March 2014

Happy Mothering Sunday

The traditional name for today is not Mothers' Day, but rather Mothering Sunday as it dates back to Victorian times when the people who worked at the 'big house' (and usually attended the local church with the Master and his family) would travel to the big church in the area (the Mother church) for today's service.

It was spring, and they knew they would see their mum for the first time maybe since Christmas, so they picked flowers along the way to give to mum

No picking today, but lots of making at Sunday school: I didn't get a photo of *all* of them, but thanks to Sizzix we made enough of these for everyone in the congregation, with these left for you!


Happy Mothering Sunday x


Saturday 29 March 2014

Saturday Sewing

For the first time in what seems like ages I'm sewing today.  In fact I'm multitasking - I've built some Ikea flat pack shelves and cupboards, and while I waiting for husband to do the work surface and other 'man' jobs I've been doing some more embroidery for Baby Mark's mum.

Work in progress on the 'office'.  I didn't think to get a 'before'  but it was a few bits of old work surface on an assortment of wall and floor cupboards with no doors - watch this space for the next stage!

And Baby Mark's stuff is nearly finished: vests and babygros

A patch to hand sew onto his quilt

And a patch being stitched to go on his pillow

Monday 24 March 2014

Bulk Basting

I've been to mums today and took double advantage of her having uncluttered rooms - at hers there is space to spread out a quilt or two and spray baste them:

Sorbet Squares

And Lone Star

Thanks mummy xxx

Shopping Addiction

My name is Benta and I am addicted to shopping!!!

So after my charm square confession last week - a confession about a different sort of charm

I bought some small silver charms a few years ago, and made some keyring / zip attachments for friends, but I was running out of several ones, so I bought some more: half a dozen (or more) of each these

and the same again of these.

Then I saw this fishing tackle box in Lidls

With all these lovely compartment boxes inside

And all the charms fit perfectly

Even I cant persuade myself that I *needed* any of this, but its so lovely to be organised!

So these are now going spare - any use to any one?

And I think I have to stop buying stuff!!!

Saturday 22 March 2014

Future Fun With Fabric (covering a box)

One of the ladies at Chertsey Museum asked about covering a box with fabric, so soon we'll be making one of these!

The instructions are here -please free to use them: and any feedback will be much appreciated ;-)

Meanwhile I am tied to the embroidery machine working on a customer's order:

20 of these

and three of these

Friday 21 March 2014

Crazy Chaos at Chertsey

We had our March session at Cherstey Museum today, and we were having a go at Crazy Patchwork - we were mostly using velvet, but there was plenty of cotton scraps mixed in with the cotton scraps, plus ribbon, lace, buttons and assorted embellishments, as well as the usual scissors, pins, and threads.  Add to that we had 10 ladies - Chaos!

I'm loving the colour schemes the ladies chose:

We also had some Show and Tell finishes from last month:

And some inspiration for future sessions: A "Proddy" rag rug - just look at the effect.  The written instructions are on a Pinterest post, here.

Even the back looks beautiful!

Thursday 20 March 2014

Gifts to Go

A new baby (a teacher at school has become a grandma) and two newish babies all needed quilts, so I finally made two I-spy quilts, and found my last chunky chevron from last year, and embroidered their names: sorted!

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Rainbow Realisation

A few days ago we saw a fab double rainbow (did you know the colours in the outer rainbow are the opposite order to the original?  I didn't)

This got me thinking about the rainbow charm squares I have been collecting, so I thought I'd have a look and see if I had enough.

So I have the pack mum had got me from Australia; 150 charms (seen here with a charm pack of Kona classics and a pack of near solids I bought recently)

and I had lots from a swap last year,  plus a charm pack from S-i-L

Plus two packs of kona Hexies and another Kona classic charm pack

Plus more kona Hexies,

I love them all, but I think it's time to make a few rainbow quilts (and stop buying rainbow fabrics!!)

Monday 17 March 2014

Super Quick Scarf

At the moment the mornings are cold, but the days warm up quickly.  I wanted an infinity scarf that I could wear on my way to work, but not a knitted one as I tend to wear long earrings, and they get caught up in the holes of a knitted scarf!

I had a loud t-shirt that I love but haven't worn for years that I thought would make a fun scarf.  So I cut off the hem and the arms & neck section

I cut the body section into two 

And now I have two very colourful infinity scarves!!!

Sunday 16 March 2014

Informative, Interesting and Inspirational

Have you been following the Deciphering Your Quilt posts that Leanne (She can Quilt) and Jess (Elven Garden) have been posting?  

Jess and Leanne live in different hemispheres but have joined forces to teach us about making quilt blocks.  Both are excellent writers and know a lot about their subject - and their posts can be summed up in the three words in this post's title: Informative, Interesting and Inspirational.  If you aren't already following them I suggest you take a look!

So as part of this series Jess posted an example of a two block design: a zigzag quilt and I had a great idea!  

I took one rainbow coloured jelly roll, some pink and some blue Kona solids, and the knowledge that the twins that are due to nephew and his wife this summer will be one of each flavour. . . 

And started the sewing / pressing / cutting / arranging (and repeat) that is our hobby

Hope you had a lovely and sunny weekend

Crafty Church

Lovely to see so many regulars at Crafty Church yesterday: some of the show and tell or being created items include


And we welcomed Paula for the first time: she came to see what it was all about. I gave her some felting to do while she sat and chatted,

And by the end of the afternoon she had made these three flowers


and was planning how to make leaves, how to combine for brooches, and when she was going to the craft shop to buy her own felting equipment!!!

Another one to the dark* side! (*dark, medium and light values!)

Friday 14 March 2014

The Drunk Sewing Club

The Drunk Sewing Club - This is the title that was used to describe our occasional bring a bottle evening session at Chertsey Museum - I protest!!
Tonight we were making tote bags from pillow cases, some of the ladies wanted more precise instructions than I was giving, but the wine did help them losen up!!!!
So they had this as their sample
And a choice of pillow cases, and they got sewing

and managed seven very presentable finished, or almost finished, bags

And a few empty bottles!!!!